Perfect Fit

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Perfect Fit

STANDARD PRECURSOR FOR SUMMER-TIME POSTS AT THE .NET: It's dead season for hoops, nothing else to talk about, so here it goes.

All FAs have already signed. But which FA do you wish went to a different club based on their style of play and how it would fit with this specific team. Your choice doesn't have to be realistic-- For example, you could say 'Tyreke Evans to the Spurs' even though there were no discussions of Tyreke Evans ever going to San Antonio.

My pick is Pekovic to the Thunder. IMO his post scoring and rebounding is exactly what OKC needs to go over the top. Also when you pair Pekovic with Ibaka's shot blocking, Nikola's defensive woes all of a sudden become less of an issue.

Unfortunately, the Thunder are not prepared to even amnesty Perk, let alone bring in a big-time RFA. But again, financial and managerial circumstances aren't in play for this thread. Just your opinion on which FAs would fit in the best.

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Martell Webster resigned with

Martell Webster resigned with the Wizards and im sure he liked it there, but if I were the Warriors I would have went with him instead of Iggy. No disrespect to Iggy and im sure he will do well with the warriors, but with martell they would have gotten a defensive upgrade without giving up the deadeye shooting that makes them so fun to watch. And Martell is still close to Iggy's highlight level athleticism

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Pretty sure you just

Pretty sure you just disrespected Iggy by even mentioning Martell Webster in the same breath.

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Iggy is one of top 10

Iggy is one of top 10 athletes in the game...I don't think Webster is even in the top 100.

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That may be a bit harsh. But

That may be a bit harsh. But you're right I had some Seattle bias. One thing i did overlook is how good a passer Iggy is. They will actually be killer with the drive and kick.

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Omer Asik/Ryan Anderson swap.

Omer Asik/Ryan Anderson swap.

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Nick Young to Grizz Dwight

Nick Young to Grizz
Dwight Howard to Warriors
Al Jefferson to Celtics
Jose Calderon to Kings
Josh Smith to Rockets

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Brandon Jennings to

Brandon Jennings to Orlando
Al Jefferson to Celtics or Knicks
Josh Smith to the D - League (lol)
Nik Pekovic to Celtics
Iggy to Portland
Kirilenko to Lakers
Calderon to Utah
Corey Brewer/Kevin Martin to Bobcats

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I wish the Clippers had f'd

I wish the Clippers had f'd up and CP3 would have went to the Rockets. That team would be a sight to see...

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I just wish

CP3 to the Knicks. We need someone who passes the ball....

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Carmelo, Amare, Jr Smith and

Carmelo, Amare, Jr Smith and Bargnani.. I was hearinv Monta Ellis to the knicks rumors for a bit there haha could you imagine.

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Nate Robinson re-signing with the Bulls

Now Dunleavy is our scoring punch from the bench...

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To be honest

They offered Nate the minimum, what an insult when he was also still going to be the 3rd PG behind Hinrich. Also Thibs hated Nate because they had different views on defense.

I still think Nate's best fit is the Warriors (who chose Douglas over him) and the Wizards (who he chose the Nuggets over).. and that's from a Nate and Nuggets fan.

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Lamarcus Aldridge to the

Lamarcus Aldridge to the Spurs. One can only dream of a LA/Duncan tandem. Would allow Timmy to play C and focus on defense while Aldridge got the scoring load.

Nicolas Batum to the Wizards. He'd fit well with the team. An improve at the 3 over an underachieving Trevor Ariza and an unproven Otto Porter.

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Josh Smith to the Kentucky

Josh Smith to the Kentucky Wildcats. Smith goes back to school and helps the Wildcats with scoring, rebounding, and shot blocking. Josh Smith and Julius Randle inside? WOW!

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