Perennial LOSERS

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Perennial LOSERS

By Willy Agostini Jr.
Posted 8/18/2010

I hate how some teams wonder why they continually lose. Some owners and general managers seriously don't know why their teams always come out on bottom. In recent weeks, there have been certain headlines that back this theory up. I want to present to you some situations where teams have made bad deals/decisions. Here are there stories.

Memphis Grizzlies
Before you jump to any conclusions here me out. I know that they have been on the rise and have made a few good decisions, but they just can't seem to get away from their stupid mistakes. For instance the ongoing situation with rookies Greivis Vasquez and Xavier Henry. I think they were solid pick-ups for this team. However now they don't want to pay them an extra $300,000 (roughly) because they want to make it incentive based? That is pennies to them considering they just re-upped Rudy Gay for $85 million dollars. Now they can't pay $300,000. No other team this year has made the extra 20% of the rookie salary scale dependent upon incentives. Memphis is the only team to require this.

So they let Xavier and Greivis skip valuable practice time and summer league games because you don't want to pay a little extra. What is wrong with you guys. You make solid picks then don't pay them market value, while remaining the only ball club in the NBA to do so. Do you really wonder why you never make the playoffs? Again, I reflecting more on this decision than the recent good play under coach Lionel Hollins. For more information click here.

New York Knicks
Isiah Thomas. His name is synonymous with the Knicks completely forgettable start of the millenium. 2000 - 2010 was completely wasted, largely because of his terrible reign. The Knicks consistently had a top 5 payroll and a bottom 5 place in the standings. Do I really need any other discussion? Sure, why not. The Knicks tried to re-hire him! The Knicks fans are really passionate, and if I was one I would be screaming at the top of my lungs and creating a mutiny against them for trying to bring him back.

Sure we know you screwed us over completely, never helped us reach the playoffs, and epitomized a terrible front-office executive, but sure we'll re-hire you. That might as well been what Dolan said to Isiah. Again, I think the Knicks are finally making some good moves right now, but that is because Donnie Walsh is making them, not Dolan. Dolan has no idea how to run a team, hence the Isiah debacle. I think the Knicks will finally turn the table with D'antoni finally getting some players that actually fit his system (Stoudemire, Felton, Randolph, etc.) and Walsh finally erasing Isiah's handprint from the organization (minus Curry's contract). Let's just hope Dolan doesn't screw it up. For more information click here.

Los Angeles Clippers
In hindsight, I probably should have listed this team first. Clippers is another word for "dysfunctional". This team is more known for the "Clipper Curse" than it is for a good product on the basketball court. Do you think Lebron James paid any attention to the Clippers pitch for him to come to their team? They had no coach, were in a salary dispute with two former GM's, and have only one recent trip to the playoffs (well about 4 years ago). The Clippers had the shortest meeting of all with Lebron. Miami and Chicago had rings, stability, star power, and over 2 hours presentations to show Lebron. LA was in and out in a little over an hour.

Donald Sterling. He doesn't even know all the names of his players. He said Blake Griffin was the best player in America. He's a great talent, don't get me wrong, but I think Kobe, Lebron, Dwade, etc. would have to take up argument here. 4 playoff appearances to their name, numerous coaches, injured stars, the Lakers shadow, and much much more contribute to the Clippers being the laughing stock of the league.

Don't get me wrong the Clippers have some young talented pieces in Griffin and Gordon. Aminu, Bledsoe, and Warren are great draft picks. Kaman is a legit all-star, and Baron Davis still has a few highlights left in him, but as long as Donald Sterling owns them, look for them to never get over the hump. For more information click here.

Minnesota Timberwolves
David Kahn. You knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when. As Charles Barkley always jokes, Kevin Garnett would be "rolling over in his grave" if he saw how the Timberwolves are operating now! Kahn's formula:

  • Draft about 7 point guards
  • Trade away best player
  • Overpay Darko 'friggin' Milic

Yes I know he got some (emphasis on some) young talent, and got rid of some salary, but do you think Rubio is ever gonna come to this subpar 15-win team? It's not surprising he doesn't want to put his fate in David Kahn's hands. Nobody understands this guys moves, he's like some mad scientist with money. For more information click here.

I know I will get some frowns on this article cuz these are some people's favorite teams, but I just had to bring the truth. Leave your comments and all but also what teams do you think need to be included in this list and why?

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The Knicks have an owner in

The Knicks have an owner in James Dolan whose company have splash millions on salary over the years and despite having HOF Coaches they have not had a winning season since 2001 which is probably the longest current streak in the NBA. Layden followed by Isiah Thomas made some huge mistakes as GM and then the Knicks decided to bring in Donnie Walsh to sort out the cap and try to make runs at the top 2010 FA's. Walsh got the cap in shape but only landed STAT whilst a gamble to get T-Mac to free up further cap space cost NY another future draft pick and their number 8 draft pick of 2008 Jordan Hill.

But for the change of rules then Isiah could have cost NY Kevin Durant in the 2006 draft and he still cost them LaMarcus Aldridge and possibly Noah a year later.

The Clippers are seen very much as the other team in LA and will always be the Lakers poor rivals and rather like NY the talent matches the results. Their owner seems clueless and any thoughts of LeBron were pure fantasy, luckily they have a decent young core which may be able to be moulded into a team.

Memphis managed to become a play off team when Jerry West was running their front office but ownership issues tied his hands and thus once Gasol was traded they had to rebuild. Luckily Chris Wallace managed to convince Kevin McHale to give up OJ Mayo and with Rudy Gay becoming a 20ppg player they chanced on a good duo to rebuild around. Also Marc Gasol becoming an NBA Level starting Centre was a bonus and having Thabeet to come through as well then they have a decent squad to try and develop but issues over rookie deals still make it a problematic team.

The T-Wolves have more top 10 drafted players on their roster than anyone but none have ever really stepped up, unless Rubio finally comes over or Johnson proves to be a star can anyone see them not being a lottery team for years to come.

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Good article.

Man is it me or does that Darko pic look gay as a mutha&$#%#[email protected]!a!

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That was from Darko's

That was from Darko's headshot right before his failed audition for the Backstreet Boys. He had to fall back on his backup plan of being one of the most well known busts of the past 10 years.

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Why arent the warriors on

Why arent the warriors on this list? I'll probably get negatives but really, they should be on this list. They made the playoffs in 07 and they were the number 8 seed that beat the number 1 seed (dallas) how could anyone forget. Big whoop, before that the last time the warriors made the playoffs was in the 93-94 season with chris webber and latrell sprewell (and of course they traded them both). They went through numerous coaches from that 93-94 season until they brought back nelson about a decade or so later because he was one of the only coaches in their franchise's history to bring about any success. They were semi-competitive for a couple years and then of course the upset in 07 but outside of that, what draft picks have they had that you can remember as being good picks (and im talking players that they had and kept for longer than a couple seasons) Stephen curry is their only bright spot and who knows he was just drafted last season so he could get traded if golden state stays true to their tradition. They had arenas, hughes and jamison when they were all young and playing well, and they have nothing to show for that. They had Run TMC (tim hardaway, mitch richmond, and chris mullin) which was a dynamic big 3 which they obviously traded. They had baron davis and stephen jackson, al harrington and they all got traded. Another thing to look at from an organizational standpoint is how many of there better players wanted to leave? Stephen jackson wanted out, maggette, baron davis, latrell sprewell etc. They have to be among the perennial losers list for all the above reasons

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