People Are Too Down On Shabazz

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People Are Too Down On Shabazz

What people don't mention is that as a freshman Shabazz put up 17 a game, forBen Howland at UCLA, that's screaming potential 20 a game numbers, in the NBA...Very rare a freshman, better yet any player, puts up 17 or more a game during the Ben Howland era, at UCLA...People get at his assist numbers, but I remember when everyone said Russell Westbrook was a shooting guard and wouldn't translate to a point guard in the NBA, but he's had like 3, 4 seasons of putting up 7 assist or more a game, for the Thunder...Then there's the height discussion, "is he tall enough for a small forward at 6'6?" is he fast enough to keep up with shooting guards and can tighten up his dribble enough for the 2 guard spot? I mean Paul Pierce a future Hall Of Famer is a tweener of sorts, he's listed at 6'7, but Pierce is really 6'6...Early in his career he played shooting guard, with Eric Williams occupying the small forward position, and later on as he gained weight and got stronger, Pierce made the switch to small forward...Jerry Stackhouse is a tweener also, not quick enough to be a shooting guard at 6'6, but stronger enough to play forward, and he also had a good career...Ron Artest is listed at 6'7, but he's really 6'6 playing small forward and he's a former All-Star and Defensive Player Of The Year Winner...So I don't know why people making it seem like Shabazz won't succeed as a 6'6 small forward...Shabazz is a lot better than people think, and he's going to let a lot of GM's look stupid...I feel the Bobcats would be a great situation for him, having Michael Jordan there to groom him and playing with a defensive wing in MKG, but I doubt he'll go that high...The Bobcats could buy the 13th pick from the Mavericks though, and pray he's still there at 13, which from all indication Shabazz should

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He may have scored a lot, but

He may have scored a lot, but I'm not sure the way he scored translates great to the NBA. He got a lot of points cherry-picking in transition and I think that might get harder to do in the NBA, especially if he gets a coach that wants him to rebound. He was a nice offensive rebounder in college and drew a lot of fouls, but I think in the bigger, more athletic NBA, that is less likely to happen as often. And while he is a good spot-up shooter, I'm not sure he is a pure shooter who will certainly maintain his strong percentages. Shabazz's scoring production is impressive in college, but I'm not sure his scoring numbers accurately gauge his offensive effectiveness, which is hindered by his poor feel for the game or make up for his shortcomings on the other end. I'd be scared to draft him if I were a GM.

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I feel like Shabazz is really

I feel like Shabazz is really getting slepted on, even though he is 20 how many first year college players average 18 a game while being out of shape?
But the thing about Shabazz is he is only 6'6 and is suppose to be a sf now. With people like Lebron,Durant, Melo,and Paul George all being 6'8 and taller he wouldn't have a chance guarding them.So I think he needs to become a full SG,were he would be almost Melo because he would be bigger then most 2 guards with a quick shot and pretty good post game, that he could use his long arms and brute strength to bully combo guards down low

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I never really got a lot of the hate for this guy. He has made some dumb decisions but I think he can easily be a taller stronger OJ Mayo, with more potential. And Charlotte would be a great spot for him with MKG and Kemba.

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I also think Bazz will do

I also think Bazz will do well in the NBA. Satckhouse is a bad comparison thought because he was quicker and had one of the quickest first steps ever. Even had a commercial about how quick his first step was. Plus he was more athletic

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What is the best fit for

What is the best fit for Shabazz? I think if he goes to the right team he will be a ROY contender.

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ucla wasnt exactly a

ucla wasnt exactly a powerhouse, so averaging 17 ppg isnt as nice as it sounds. there are guys who averaged 17 on teams better than ucla and they wont get drafted...this guy bazz got the scouts on his di*k tho and is about to go in the lottery smh

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I hate how you list off

I hate how you list off people heights, but say what you think they are, and say it as if its factual.

Shabazz isn't even 6'5 without shoes. He measured 6'4.75 barefoot. That isn't small forward height.

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I hope he falls out of the top 10

Bazz has the potential to be a star in the league and he will make a lot of GM look stupid in a few years. But he already thinks hes the best and falling in the draft will only push him to be great (ala paul pierce going 10th and kobe going 13th). If he falls and lands in a good situation were theres not a lot of pressure on him from the beginning he will be a Star in the League.

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I've always considered Bazz

I've always considered Bazz as a SG. His strengths are his strength and toughness, and, when you play him at SF, you severely decrease his advantages. At SG, Bazz can bully opponents, while still having the size and quickness to defend both positions. If he falls to Detroit, it would be perfect for him. He would be a part of the offensive scheme right away

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Why not stop talking about

Why not stop talking about him? Each and every day, I read (quickly) the same things on this guy. It's as if the same argument repeats itself day after day. How people manage to dedicate so much time and energy to such a anecdotical subject matter is beyond me. Guys, you'll know in years to come whether Shabazz is good or not. Give it a rest!

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Are there any 6'7 SF players in the NBA by your account ?

Both Paul Pierce and Ron Artest are just about or are 6'7 in shoes. Have you ever watched them matched up against Melo or Lebron ? How about Joe Johnson is he really only 6'6 too then ?

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Shabazz is a lousy teammate,

Shabazz is a lousy teammate, and it's all about him. How's he going to respond to coming off the bench in the NBA? Also, your comparison with Russell Westbrook is ridiculous. Westbrook had elite NBA level physical tools, and he had much better intangibles. He plays the point now, but it's not his natural position. Also, he has a tendency to shoot too much and take shots away from Kevin Durant.

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You're too down on grammar

You're too down on grammar

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18 points is nice in college.

18 points is nice in college. But 18 points on 14 shots is just a little better than average.

Also folks are down on other things. He fails in the "athlete" stats. 0.1 blocks per game!!! 0.7 steals per game!! Those are problem numbers. What is going on there? Can he not react defensively? Does he have no anticipation? Is he just phoning in half the game? How about 0.8 assists per game. Huh, how is it even possible to have the ball in your hands all through a game and not even stumble into an assist now and then?

There is more to basketball than just being the designated scorer.

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Does not have Paul Peirce skill

I like Bazz but I watched Peirce in College run the PG. Yes play effectively at PG. Bazz is not PP.

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I'm sorry, but this topic is

I'm sorry, but this topic is getting old real fast. Enough of the Shabazz is underrated, overlooked, and any other adjective you can throw out. There is a thread about this every single day. We get it.

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Only thing Bazz needs to drop

Only thing Bazz needs to drop is his 9% body fat. And the perfect team for him to get drafted by would be Minny. With Love and Budinger as spot up shooters and Rubio passing the ball. He could come in and score 16 ppg as a rookie.

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Yes his vertical was pretty

Yes his vertical was pretty good already and getting down to 5 or 6% body fat will make him very close to elite athletically. He is doing P3 as we speak.

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We will all find out next season.

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