Pelicans & Suns deal

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Pelicans & Suns deal

The Pelicans and Suns are going in 2 different directions....The Pelicans are itching to get back in the playoffs sooner rather than later, while the Suns are in rebuilding mode...The Pelicans want estaished players who can get them over the hump, the Suns want young players with potential and assets to help their rebuilding process...With that said , I thought of a deal that will help both teams obtain what they want...That would be for the Suns to trade Marcin Gortat, Channing Frye, and Shannon Brown, to the New Orleans Pelicans, for Austin Rivers, Ryan Anderson, Jason Smith, and their 2014 1st round draft pick...I already trade this deal on the ESPN trade machine, it works out financially and I feel it's a great basketball trade...The Pelicans on one hand get the starting center they been looking for all Summer, and the Phoenix Suns acquire perhaps their future starting shooting guard in Austin Rivers, another 1st round pick in a deep draft to add another good young player, and Ryan Anderson gives them a starting stretch 4 to pair with Alex Len....I feel this deal makes a lot of sense for both teams...If the Pelicans add Gortat and can stay healthy, there's no reason why they can't sneak in as a 7th or 8th seed....Suns meanwhile have some exciting young talent in Austin Rivers, Archie Goodwin, Alex Len, Bledsoe, and Dragic, plus multiple picks in the 2014 draft to help them along their rebuilding phase

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The Pelicans traded their

The Pelicans traded their 2014 to the Sixers already, right? So the trade above couldn't happen as stated.

Anyways, Ryan Anderson is the best player in that trade, so the Pelicans shouldn't have to add in a 1st rounder to get the Suns to accept. I do like the trade because Gortat would help the Pelicans improve on defense, while Frye would help replace the shooting, while the Suns acquire an excellent talent in Anderson whose scoring can help them, but not prevent them from being in contention for the first pick. This would also make room for Alex Len (although I am not a fan of Len, the organization evidently is). Just switch the 2014 first rounder for a pair of second round picks.

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I don't like that deal for

I don't like that deal for the Pelicans.

Frye and Brown are throwaway players that won't do a whole lot besides take up roster spots. Gortat is a solid center but is going to be a FA next offseason.

The Suns get Ryan Anderson one of the best stretch 4s in the league and a top 6th man entering the prime of his career. A young prospect in Austin Rivers who still flashes potential and a 1st rounder in a deep draft on top of that. I don't think Gortat's value is quite that high that is worth such a steep price for perhaps just a 1 year rental.

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Just a couple counter points

Just a couple counter points I see:

Anderson as a stretch 4 and 6th man is nice but Davis is the 4 man and (supposedly) has a decent jump shot. Gortat compliments him better than Anderson does. Not to mention they just got their 6th man in Tyreke Evans.

Austin Rivers was hot garbage last season and the only potential he showed was at the very end of the season and even than it looked like he'd just be what Evans is now.

Only thing I don't like for NO is giving up the 1st round pick but it doesn't kill them to get a legit center in return.

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honestly not a bad trade.

honestly not a bad trade. Austin will be able to shine alot more in suns. gortat will do wonders for anthoy where he can doesnt have to be the only anchor. with lopez coming of the bench big man rotation .

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Lopez??? He's with the

Lopez??? He's with the Blazers now

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If I'm the Suns, I am only accepting young prospects and first round draft picks for Marcin Gortat. Ryan Anderson and Jason Smith are not that; depending on what you think of Rivers, he is a boarderline young prospect. The proposed pick in this trade is already dealt, and you can't deal back to back first rounders so it'd have to be 2016 (when Davis might be a 22-11-3 blocks type player). A trade with OKC makes a lot more sense for the Suns.

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Suns need prospects, not

Suns need prospects, not pieces like Ryan Anderson and Jason Smith.

But...the Pellies (!) do need a center like Gortat and they would still get a stretch 4 back in return w/ Frye. They already shipped their first round pick though.

I don't know. The players in the trade are ones that seem to be on the market, so it's not that bad of an idea. A third team would have to jump in though to jumble around the trade pieces that the Suns would initially get.

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Yeah I dont see how Ryan

Yeah I dont see how Ryan Anderson is much of a rebuilding piece, and hes worth more to NO than he is to the Suns. Its not like theres any untapped potential there. He is what he is which is a decent stretch 4, but hes also paid a little too much.

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