Pelicans pursuing Tyreke Evans

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Pelicans pursuing Tyreke Evans

As @ESPNSteinLine reported, Pelicans will meet with Tyreke Evans late tonight. Told they will have an offer sheet in hand--a big one. via David Aldridge.

Interesting.. If they get Tyreke, they are probably looking to deal Gordon, and Indiana comes to mind for me, as Granger would fill the SF spot for the Pelicans..


seems like a fin line up to me, but im not sure I'd trade Gordon just yet, we all know how good he can be when healthy, and the Pelicans should look at how Golden state never gave up on Curry's health issues and how it's paid off..

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The Kings new GM has stated

The Kings new GM has stated that he feels having both Tyreke and McLemore together makes sense and that he wants to make agressive moves this offseason. I would look for the Kings to match any offersheet Tyreke receives.

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I doubt the kings would match

I doubt the kings would match anything above 8-10 million per season. Tyreke doesn't do too well playing next true shooting gaurds, see Kevin Martin. They also have more pressing needs to fill at sf, I'd much rather have them allocate their resource at players like iggy or ak-47. However, if they do pay tyreke a lot of money they should sign dorrell wright as a quick fix.

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