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Has anybody heard much about him? I keep looking for updates on him. I kept worrying that someone would offer a around 14 mil. But it seems like potential suitors are shrinking. Cuban seems like the wildcard between getting him for more like 10 or 11 mil.

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I think it is known around

I think it is known around the league that he is not leaving Minnesota

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That and if he doesn't sign

That and if he doesn't sign an offer sheet now he can get more money next season.

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Not over yet

There are still many teams out there with plenty of of money and the reason they wait is they want to exhaust other attempts at players whose offers that can't be matched first. The window of time a team has to decide to keep/match an offer, can cost the team making an offer a chance at another player they covet by tying up their capspace.

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There are NOT plenty of teams out there with the money to be active bidders for Pek, unless you call three or four "many".

I think there are no offers for Pek because teams know that either they have to make an "all in, max" offer, or Minny is simply going to match (which they might do even with a max offer). Rather than waste the time, and tie up their money while waiting for Minny to match, they are just moving on.

Pek will end up signing in Minny for something along the lines of 48-52/4. I discount the notion that Pek would play out this year and then be an UFA next year. Pek has never had a big payday, and with the threat of injury it would be really, really hard to turn down another 40 million knowing that if something goes wrong you are never going to see that money again.

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Since Dallas seems to be

Since Dallas seems to be going the Bynum route, I'm guessing Pek is a solid lock for the T Wolves.

I don't get why more of these guys who want to stay or want to leave don't just not sign an offer sheet. Then the following year you become a UFA, don't have to worry about your team not matching if you want to stay, and don't have to worry about it being matched if you wanna leave.

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Pekovic is 27 now, so it is

Pekovic is 27 now, so it is logical he takes the best deal possible this year and I agree why try to max him out just to hit T-Wolves in the pocket if they match and also it ties up cash which could be used on other FA's who are more likely to move on.

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