Paul Pierce & KG

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Paul Pierce & KG

I know there's still alot of basketball to be played and the bottom half of the Eastis wide open, but if Brooklyn continues to struggle and it becomes clear that they wont make the playoffs do you think Pierce and Garnett will be traded or do you think they would wont to stick it out the rest of the year in Brooklyn?

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i dont

I dont think they would agree to go to seperate places, and there are very few teams that have enough cap room to absorb both of those contracts. A boozer deng for KG and Pierce could work as well, but I dont think that is enough in return for the bulls. It will be interesting if they agree to go seperate places though.

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Would like that

But no I don't think they get traded. As a nets fan I think this is just a deal we get stuck with that we may have to live with for some time

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I highly doubt it. They

I highly doubt it. They already have pretty much abandoned any youth movement, so trying to get young talent or equal talent will be effectively impossible. The complete weakness of the Eastern Conference should prevent them from falling out of the playoff race, so they will likely just hope they have their sh*t together come playoff time.

I am pretty skeptical they will become a serious contender, but they don't really have any good alternatives. The trade value of Pierce and Garnett is probably at an all-time low, with KG's serious struggles and the high number of youth movements around the league.

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Their contracts are big. But

Their contracts are big. But Pierce has plenty of trade value both due to his skills and the fact that he is an expiring contract. Garnett is playing badly (his 37% TS% is really terrible) but his rebounding has been quite good. The scoring is a serious problem though. He was set up or got the ball at the basket repeatedly today and failed to score or draw a foul. Granted the Pistons are big, but when your PF/C gets the ball with a clear lane and just a few feet to get to the basket one expects to get something out of that possession.

I don't think there is much chance that they get traded unless there is some sort of serious locker room issue going on. It should take at least another 15 games before the Nets get desperate enough to do something crazy. And if Pierce and Garnett continue to play poorly they will have little trade value, so the Nets will continue to ride with them instead of getting back some aweful contract to make the dollars work. If they play well, then the Nets will win and they won't get traded.

Also the Nets probably don't want to pay repeater tax in 2015. So there team is getting set up to pay big money this year and next year and then drop below the luxury tax in 2015. So they can't take back any long term contracts. That limits their ability to trade.

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Who would trade for them?

Who would trade for them? They are overpaid, and they are a major reason Brooklyn has stunk this year.

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I'd trade them to Knicks for

I'd trade them to Knicks for jr smith and future first rounder

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I'll tell ya what, Danny

I'll tell ya what, Danny Ainge looks super smart for dumping those guys for future 1st rounders and those expirings (besides Wallace).

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...Gotta get rid of Kidd

...Gotta get rid of Kidd soon...

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Ainge got more

Than Brooklyn would get if they dealt them now. Smart move.

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