Paul milsap and marvin william for rudy gay

Will memphis take the trade.

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Memphis needs to add Tony

Memphis needs to add Tony Wroten to the mix so he can blossom in Utah whose in desparate need of a pass first PG who has the potential to be the franchise PG going forward which Wroten is.

But I dunno if Memphis want Milsap who is an expiring contract but is not of great need on that team so maybe a 3rd party could get involved.

I'd love the Sixers to try and snag Gay for Thad Young whose home is in Memphis, and a guy like Dorrell Wright. Young would give them what Gay gives them only at half the price and a higher efficiency.

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Very doubtful. I think Utah

Very doubtful. I think Utah is pretty content with Gordon Hayward playing the role Rudy Gay would fill... and at a fraction of the cost. In addition, Paul Milsap is an UFA on an expiring contract, which is great if your looking to cut salary but if your actually interested in retaining the player it will be much harder bidding against every other team in the league without the safety net of a matching offer like in RFA. Marvin Williams is a bit overpaid and has another season remaining on his contract.

In this trade scenario at the start of free agency, Memphis could be looking at at paying more for Milsap and Williams then they're already paying Gay... which is fine if you feel they're a better value and you weren't interested in cutting salary, neither of which is applicable here.

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