Paul George scenario

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Paul George scenario

If PG doesnt make an all nba team next year then he porbably wont re sign with the pacers, but ill go into a situation about this. First why would the lakers trade for him? They have a really good young core and Ingram could be the next PG and are they really in win now mode in the West with this warriors team? Why would they throw tons of money at him win they have Ingram at 3 and thats his position, and PG wont change his position. Why would he even think about going to the west? There gonna get murdered and its not worth waiting till the end of his prime for them to be contending. Also the Celtics, why would they trade for him when they wont take the cavs down anyway. They might as well build for the future with Smart Brown Fultz and the pick next year. Its obviously a 2 team league and i dont know why he would leave the pacers when he can try and buld a team around him to compete in the future just doesnt make sense to me....

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Can't blame pg13

The guy has no support and Myles turner is solid right now but he's years away from being a star. There are many reason George wants to leave. The first he's from LA what player wouldn't want to play for his home town Lebron did it. The second LA is much more fun then Indiana its not just basketball it's his lifestyle. Finally a super team can form over night. I honestly could see 5 super teams next year. Cavs and warriors we all know. CP3 went back to New Orleans cp3 cousins and Davis would be a squad. Blake goes to the celts Blake it4 and horford not as star driven but the role players and bench is supreme to the other teams. Lowry to the spurs Lowry Aldridge and Leonard with pop and a solid bench. I also wouldn't count out Heyward to Miami. Heyward dragic and whiteside maybe wade goes home they would have a squad. I know people hate super teams but if we had more of them it would make the NBA so exciting.

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Miami is always a

Miami is always a possibility. No one will say it but most would choose the better tax rate, weather and nightlife over the chance to win.. unless they are at the end of their career or have some connection to a place that outweighs it. The winning will come anyway if you are an all star level player. George or Hayward or a player of that level with Whiteside, Winslow and Dragic is a playoff team anyway, probably a good one.

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