Paul George, Harrison Barnes and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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Paul George, Harrison Barnes and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

What to expect from these guys next season?

I hope..

Paul George... It becomes the undisputed leader of the Pacers, repeated as an All-Star, won the dunk contest, it is consolidated as a star of the NBA, and nobody doubts, and the Pacers are 2 in the East, he averaged 20.1 ppg 8.2 rpg 5 apg 2.1 spg 1 bpg.

Harrison Barnes... He remains a starter in every game, showing a nice progression, and is unanimously in the game of rookies / sophomores, its handle is nicer, the Warriors are the 4 in the west, he averages 15 ppg 6.5 rpg 2 apg 1 spg 0.6 bpg.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist... His shot looks more confident and looks a very nice progression increasingly more comparisons arise Iguodala, he struggles and gets to be in the games of the Rookies / Sophomores, but Charlotte is still in the tail of the NBA, he prays that do not touch a selection top 2, he averaged 13.1 ppg 6.8 rpg 2.5 apg 1.2 spg 1bpg

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I think you are a little too

I think you are a little too optimistic here. The return of Danny Granger will likely limit the number of points available for George. I think even if George improves, his scoring average will likely remain similar to what it was last season

In Golden State, the signing of Andre Iguodala will likely reduce Barnes minutes per game somewhat. I doubt Barnes averages more ppg than Curry, Thompson, or Lee, and I expect Iguodala to get more mpg and ppg than Barnes as well. Barnes scoring rate could improve, but I don't think there are enough points available for him to average 15 ppg, unless Klay Thompson or Steph Curry miss a lot of time due to injury.

The MKG prediction is pretty accurate, I think. An increase of four ppg is definitely reasonable, given his room for improvement and minutes.

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I am a huge Barnes fan but he

I am a huge Barnes fan but he is not starting over Curry, Iggy, Klay, Lee, or Bogut.... Maybe if Bogut gets hurt he gets run at the 4 but it is unlikely they would start him at the 4. Like I said i am a big fan of Barnes and I think he will get plenty of playing time but he's not going to be a starter or average 15ppg.

MKG is a reasonable prediction.

Paul George should have a great season. I think he will finish slightly below those numbers but should still be solid.

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I think warriors best lineup

I think warriors best lineup will be with barnes off the bench. He is not better than iggy and that small forward spot should go to iggy if he plays the way he can in preseason and practice. I think Barnes could average atleast 10pts per game off the bench as i think the wing position for the warriors will be for the most part iggy, barnes, and klay, so he will still get a fair amount of minutes to put up solid numbers.

MKG im not sure if he will ever average big numbers like high double digit scoring, but only the future will tell. I hope he continues to be persistent in working on his jump shot and shoots the ball instead of holding it and stopping the offensive flow, while the defender sags off him by 5 feet. Hopefully his all around numbers will be better as well, I thought he would average atleast a block and a steal per game his rookie year. I dont know if what he does best: rebounding, defense, hustle suffered because of wavering confidence in his shot or the bobcats losing or both, but I expect him, with the personality he has to really motivate himself to bring determination and his best game this upcoming season.

George. I have an opinion about him that for sure will get negged. Here it is though. Granger when healthy is still the better leader and scorer, and tougher. For those who argue the shooting, go to espn to correct yourselves. I hope the Pacers sign both of them to extensions barring Granger comes back fully healthy and can put up atleast 18+pts per game, and for
atleast the next 2-3 years bring George of the bench as a Harden in OKC peice. You know he brings more everything than lance, and my key point is their back up pg and wings were all inconsistent in putting points on the board. The Pacers would quickly alleviate this situation by bringing george off the bench as im not sure lance is consistent enough be that scorer off the bench the pacers need. We have all seen the Pacers struggle at times to score, and George is still not a consistent scorer or aggressive on a night to night basis, but Granger is, and if he is healthy I hope they consider this option. I know George is the new hotness. Everyone thinks he will be a superstar, and he might, but he is still only 23, and 2 or 3 yrs off the bench would make the pacers better and he would still have his prime and 10years left to play in front of him.

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The torch has been passed,

The torch has been passed, it's Paul Georges team now, but the leader and heart and sole of that team is David West and Granger nor George have the same mentality West has in the locker room. (As if I've been in there with them, of course this is all just hearsay.)

I've always been an MKG fan for his energy, hustle, and intangibles, but that hitch on his shot is so ugly and disheartening.

Barnes needs to continue to focus on the little things like defense, rebounding, hustle and spacing the floor, his time will come, but Iggy will swallow up some of his minutes and start over him.

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Honestly I would keep barnes

Honestly I would keep barnes as a starter. Klay can go to the bench in my opinion. I'm not basing it solely off numbers though. I like Klay to carry the second unit offensively better than barnes trying to do that himself. I think Iggy would focus on defense and create some offense with his defense so he would be content on offense. I like the iso situations on the post I can get with barnes out there too. Basically I would experiment with both scenarios barnes/klay starting because barnes ended the season too well just to throw him back on the bench.

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I was thinking that too, Klay

I was thinking that too, Klay thompson's game is better suited to come off the bench than Harrison Barnes, Klay can dribble and create for him self and if he focuses on his play making ability in the off season he will make the bench even better and he will still be able to get 30 minutes a night like JR Smith does off the Knicks bench.

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Someone please tell me what they are seeing or saw in summer league that tells you he is going to up his averages? HIs shot looks terrible and he has been a disappointment in summer league. He is what he is....he is a great hustle guy who can defend and making winning plays but he is not a scorer and I don't think that will ever change. But I am open for a discussion on what you see offensively from him that shows 13ppg. I don't see it at all.

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It's not too optimistic to

It's not too optimistic to think Paul George could average 20 points next season. I mean, if he continues to get to the line like he did during the playoffs and can raise his shooting percentage to around 45%, he'll average right around 20. George has said that one of his goals for next season is to decrease three-point attempts and increase free-throw attempts.

The player who'll see his attempts decrease with the return of a healthy Danny Granger is George Hill. I see him average 1.5-2 shots less per game. Granger's days of leading the team in shot attempts are over, but he should still average around 11-12 shots per game IF he's healthy.

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