Paul George for an allstar?!!!

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Paul George for an allstar?!!!

this kid is for sure..
he is clearly the man on 22-14 Pacers, now Heat and Knicks are down with George getting 29&11 and 24/11/5/6

what do you guys think>?

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Paul George

I would agree. He is new face of the Indiana Pacers. Now if they could anything from Hibbert and a Granger return this team could possible be a factor in the playoffs out East.

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I think that while his stats

I think that while his stats and usage is being inflated due to Grangers injuries and lack of perimeter scoring options on the Pacers, that he has responded extremely well to the extra workload and is making the upmost out of his playing time and has the Pacers clicking so he should def be considered for the team.

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Think we might be ignoring

Think we might be ignoring the fact that he is extremely inefficient.

He takes 15 shots for his 17 points and shoots 42% from the field. And he's getting even worse with time.

The last 5 games (including those three 24+pt games)
19.8 PPG while taking 19.8 shots per game and shooting 39% from the field.

This guy is the future of the Pacers but I don't see him as an All-Star THIS season. Especially with this whole centers and forwards being stacked together. That means he's competing with guys like JSmoove, Bosh, Chandler, Noah, BLopez, Pierce and Deng (Assuming LeBron, Anthony, and Garnett are voted in)

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Stats and Wins

What you stated is true statistically....but the reason why he SHOULD be given credit is that the Pacers assumed best player has been out all year, he has stepped into that role, and the Pacers are 22-14 good for 3rd in the East. So when you impact winning in a role that is unfamiliar to you (first year as supposed go to guy) then I will give you credit. With time and more familiarity in this role I would expect him to improve a great deal. Last night he led the team in scoring, rebounding, AND assists. I would like to applaud this young man for playing well and keeping the Pacers at the top of the East standings.

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I think you are spot on,

I think you are spot on, about his efficiency. But for argument sake a couple other statistics: 37% from 3, 80% from the line and #1in defensive win shares on a team that's 22-14. I don't think he is "getting worse" just getting accustomed to being thrust into the #1 option. His calling card for the allstar game this year would be his defense, but I don't see it happening.

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Paul George deserves credit,

Paul George deserves credit, but the Pacers are winning games mainly at the defensive end, while doing just enough not to lose the game on offense lol.

George has stepped up, but for a minute David West was that guy. I honestly believe he's currently the best player on the team. It's really been a collective effort.

I'd love to see the Pacers get an All-Star, but realistically I can't see it happening.

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