Pau Gasol: Best PF in the NBA?

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Steroid Contradicted Himself

Before anyone in this thread brought up rebounding, Steroid said, "In my opinion, Dirk doesn't do too much more outside of scoring to be the best."

Later on in the thread after rebounding became an issue, Steroid said, "he just doesn't do anything well that a big man is supposed to do". The only conclusion a reasonable person could draw from those two comments you made, is Dirk doesn't rebound.

Excuse me Steroid, but if a guy plays in the NBA for more than a decade, and you judge him on just one season, I think you are being grossly unfair.

And if you're talking only about last year, 7.7 rpg is hardly great but it's not exactly terrible either. There were only 24 players in the league who did better.

And most important of all, how does a guy perform in the playoffs. Per Chrischi, from 2001 through 2009, Dirk did a hell of a job rebounding when it really counted.

01 - 13.1
02 - 11.5
03 - 11.8
04 - 10.1
05 - 11.7
06 - 11.3
07 - 12.0
08 - 10.1
09 - 8.2

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Pau's passing abilities and

Pau's passing abilities and court sense give him the edge. He's a smart player, plays hard and fits in perfectly in the Lakers triangle offense. He plays solid, not great, but solid D thanks to his length. Dirk has always been known for his weak defense, though he is obviously the best shooting big man in the game.

If your going strictly off of numbers, it might be Dirk, Bosh, Amar'e, but the total package is what you look for in a Big. And Pau Gasol is the perfect Big in today's game. Creates his own shots, runs the court well, and fills the lane great. Rebounds nicely, and has a good mid-range game.

Everyone's gonna have a different opinion...

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When i said My bad

When i said my bad i was giving Dirk his credit for averaging 10 rebs, 9.9 is really ten board. I should not have said never but consistently average ten boards a season,

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As a Laker fan i must say

As a Laker fan i must say that Pau Gasol is overrated he is good but not the top big man in the west or the to PF before Pau Gasol came to the Lakers he wasnt even considered a top 10 big men in the league the moment he came to the Lakers he seemed much better then he is he is stilla a good play but not better then Chris Bosh, Dirk, Duncan and even Amare

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When watching the Lakers play

When watching the Lakers play I do not think they have good interior defense because they have great individual defenders, but rather because they play well together and are able to use their size at C, PF, and SF to overwhelm the bigs on the other team, they help out each other and just when you think you have beaten one of the bigs, another is right there to meet you; but does that mean that Gasol would really do any better than Dirk or Bosh or even Amare if they were on the Lakers instead? I think not. You have to keep in mind that the system that the Lakers run is an incredible one if everyone falls inline and does their job, which gives them the ability to make a top five player at their position look like he could be the best.

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