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I've been a fan of Patrick Young since the McDonalds All-American game but I'm also realistic about his future in the NBA. I think if the Gators go on a strong run he will leave early for the draft but this site his him as an early 2nd round pick. I've seen a few people compare him to Ben Wallace but I think that is somewhat absurd and I think he's much closer to Joey Dorsey. And they have comparable stats in college and are around the same size with same athletic ability. I also think if a career in the NBA isn't in his future he should seriously consider the NFL. I'm not trying to undermind what it it takes to play professinal football but look at the guy he's a monster athlete and would be a nightmare at tight end. What do you guys think?

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Dorsey's a good comparison,

Dorsey's a good comparison, but I think Young's a better athlete.

I don't think he'd make it as a TE because his hands are small.

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It's alot more to football

It's alot more to football than just size, we had a guy try out for football last year and he was 6'5 230 but he got his ass handed to him by a guy 6'2 210 because he had no technique; if Young wants to switch sports it's going to be rough

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This. There was a guy who

This. There was a guy who played WR on my high school team who was just an absolute freak athlete. He was about 6'5 180, had the fastest 40 on our team with a 4.35 and set the Minnesota state record for at least one jumping event in track. Never saw the field because he couldn't catch or run a route to save his life.

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It seems anyone and everyone

It seems anyone and everyone that is big and atheltic is wanted to be a tight end these days. Thanks Antonio Gates

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Don't forget Jimmy Graham,

Don't forget Jimmy Graham, and former Arizona basketball player Fendi Onobun

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I'm a gators fan, he's my

I'm a gators fan, he's my favourite player, and i watched a great deal of the games. He Doesn't rebound well enough at the moment to earn himself minutes in the NBA

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