Patrick Patterson withdraws name from NBA draft

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Patrick Patterson withdraws name from NBA draft

Look out SEC and college hoops, the Cats are on their way back big time. Meeks should follow suit soon and Wall is still looking very likely.

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It is going to be unreal..... I think I hear Jayhawk nation crying.

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jayhawk nation

why would jayhawk nation be crying if they get meeks and patterson back??????????last time i checked they were in the NIT and they play in the SEC one of the worst if not the worst BCS conference for b-ball.
So next year when KU is a 1 seed in the tourney and kentucky is a 5 or 6 and ku wins it all and UK gets bounced out in the first round we'll remember that we were crying cause a mediocre PF came back for a 3rd year

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I guess Hansbrough will

I guess Hansbrough will sneak into the first round now. One less PF for him to worry about.

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I feel like he was a better

I feel like he was a better post player than Hill and could have moved up but I guess he really likes college.

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I think...

I think he could be a solid player at the NBA level. I too, thought he was better than Hill. Hill is being drafted on potential and ability to get up and down the floor.

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Top 5 Next Year?

I think this move could very well shoot Patterson into the top 5 for next year's draft if he continues to improve on the numbers he put up last year.

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