The Patrick O'Bryant effect?

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The Patrick O'Bryant effect?

Before any of you make a comment I changed my Username to Cousinsfan11 because every year at draft time I change my Username to my favorite player in the draft hence the Username DeRozanfan11 last year because he was my favorite player in the draft and thsi year Cousins is my favorite player in the draft.

Onto the topic, as most of you already know, few years back the Warriors selected Patrick O'Bryant with the 9th pick. Do you see Hassan Whiteside making it into the Top 10 based on size and potential just like O'Bryant was drafted on? Whiteside has a monsterous wingspan at 7'7 and pretty good height too at 6'11-7'0. He averaged 5.4 BPG as a Freshman so I think NBA Teams will like that he can block shots. I believe that Whiteside will be drafted around the same time as O'Bryant was, but Whiteside will be a good maybe even great player in the NBA(unlike O'Bryant) if he goes to the right team. There is only two teams in the Top 10 that I think might take Whiteside and they are the Detroit Pistons if they don't trade up for Cousins and because they need a center who can defend and bring the toughness back to Detroit and the Utah Jazz if they think Whiteside could be a good player on their team and they really need size and defense at the center position especially if Okur is out for awhile. What are your thoughts on this?

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Hassan Whiteside has a chance

Hassan Whiteside has a chance to be a Marcus Camby type Center, Im willing to gamble on that if im Utah,Detroit, Golden State, or Indiana.

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New Orleans may also take a

New Orleans may also take a look and why can't Whiteside at least be Thabeet. He is more similiar to him than O'Bryant.

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i think 5-9 is too high for

i think 5-9 is too high for Whiteside, especially with the wealth of big man talent in this draft. I understand that potential goes a long way, but Im not quite sold on him yet. I think he'd make a lot of sense in the 10-14 range with teams like New Orleans, Toronto and Houston who have centers that Whiteside could learn behind, especially Toronto who has a good center that doesn't necessarily bring a lot of rebounding and shot blocking to the table.

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