Patrick Beverley got the start over Jeremy Lin...

It doesn't sound like a big deal because it's preseason but Patrick Beverley got the start over Jeremy Lin.

This intrigues me because Beverley is a defensive minded player and when you combine that with McHale's seemingly dislike of Lin I can see McHale giving Beverley the starting role entering the season.

Beverley played solid in the playoffs last season and I think they are going to bring Lin off the bench in a 6th man role and Beverley will become the starter.

What are your thoughts on Beverley?

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From what I've seen of

From what I've seen of Patrick Beverley, I'd say he's a better fit alongside James Harden than Jeremy Lin is right now. Harden and Lin are both ball dominate offensive players which has resulted in Lin being forced into being a spot up shooter often which is certainly not his strength. I think if Lin went to the 6th man spot off the bench it could allow him to have control on offense and probably even put up better numbers than he does starting.

Beverley is a strong defender and one of those complementary players who don't pout when they don't get the ball a lot on offense. Beverley shot a slighter higher percentage at .375 from 3 last year while Lin was shooting a .339.

Lin had the disadvantage of coming to the Rockets just before they brought in a similar yet much better player in James Harden. The best role I see for Lin to really dominate on the Rockets is as 6th man.

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I agree. I think Lin is

I agree. I think Lin is better served in a 6th man role for offense off the bench which isn't a bad thing. There are lots of players that come in as the 6th man that play a prominent role on a team. Manu Terry etc. Beverley seems to fit in with the starters better due to his defensive minded play and willingness on offense to take the back seat to Harden and now Dwight.

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Three guard rotations are

Three guard rotations are becoming the norm. Benchsanity might be the X factor that they need as a 6th man as a guy who can run the offense and score. The Rockets have a very good core, with some questions at power forward, but they don't have a great bench. Jeremy Lin could be their change of pace point guard off the bench. Just hope that the Lin and Asik pick and roll gets going.

With Dwight Howard, Harden, Lin, Asik, Patrick Beverley, and Chandler Parsons have as much talent 1-7 as anyone.

They should be really fun to watch this year.

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Spot on. I think they should

Spot on.

I think they should use Lin in the same way OKC used Harden. They should focus on running a bunch of pick and rolls with Lin as soon as he comes in.

That way they can give Harden a bit of a rest (I don't mean on the bench, I mean they don't have to run every play through him).

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He's good, picks up fast and

He's good, picks up fast and can shoot well. Most of the time, Lin is playing with bench players too, so i think this will continue thru season. Lin seems better as 6th on the team as he can handle and drive to the basket when harden isn't on the floor.

Others observation on the game.. the rockets bench dominated the pacers bench in the 4th.. D-MO is just smooth, can score in a lot of ways, Casspi had a greating shooting night.. could be a stretch 4 that they need(?),. Maybe keeping Asik is ok then. Terrence looks good too but cannot defend the post against West.

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Lin is the more creative

Lin is the more creative passer and I think he has higher upside. But Beverly was very good last year. I think the Rockets are good with either guys on the court. But I also agree that Lin's drive and passing skills are better served with the ball in his hands and Harden kind of made that irrelevant. I keep going back to fairly significant points that Lin dropped in the two or three games that Harden missed last year. And Lin was not 100% for a good chunk of the season.

I'm sure Lin can handle being in the second squad. Especially if that comes with him having the rock in his hands a lot more.

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Patrick Beverley

Usually a coach knows who his starters will be..They play different sets of players to see which guys will be among the 2nd unit and which players have the best chemistry overall, to have them on the floor in crunch time........I still believe Lin will open the season as the starting pg unless he's injured......

Beverley has always had great timing,anticipation and uses his athleticism & quickness to excell on defense......Since coming back from overseas, he's played smarter and under control on both ends....

He makes things happen when he's on the court.....Last season In 636 minutes ,he grabbed 42 offensive rebounds,blocked 19 shots,34 steals and drew 3 charges,converting 98 extra possessions for Houston.....That calculates to 5.5 extra possessions for every 36 minutes he plays,placing him 2nd among all guards.....

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