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Path to the draft:Positions:Pgs

Give your top 5 pgs in this years draft and who you think will turn out better in 5 years and why.

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I don't think we'll see any

I don't think we'll see any superstar pg in this class, and I'm not high on any being an all-star either, there are just too many good pgs right now, but I see Teague and Marshall of them being starters, and Machado being a good backup. Lillard and Wroten will sorta bounce around the league.

1. Marquis Teague

2. Kendall Marshall

3. Scott Machado

4. Damian Lillard

5. Tony Wroten

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My List. Not in what order I

My List. Not in what order I think they'll get drafted.

1. Kendall Marshall - Despite not being the most athletic player, his court vision is really a unique talent. He has a bad rap for being a poor shooter, but when left open, he hits his shots at a very high percentage. I really think he'll be a 8+ apg player for most of his career and a guy who can really flourish playing with NBA shooters and wings.

2.Damian Lillard - I think he's more of a combo, but his shooting and scoring ability is something special. I don't think he's top 10 talent, but I think Lillard can be a solid offensive guard who can distribute a little. Hopefully he's not another Jared Bayless, but I'm a little more sold on him after watching him today. That being said, he's not worth a #6 or #8 pick in the draft.

3. Marquis Teague - Teague is a speedster that will take a minute to develop, but he adjusted to a NCAA championship caliber team and tweaked his game to be more of a distributer. That kind of unselfish play and team attitude makes me optimistic he will continue to develop his natural abilities.

4. Scott Machado - Machado has great IQ and passing ability too, and actually despite being an average athlete by NBA standards tested very strong for a 6'2'' player. I think Machado has a bright future as a #2 point guard. He has a little Brevin Knight in his game, who had a great career dishing out assists at a high rate as a backup or starter for a bad team.

5. Tony Wroten....reluctantly - I get why Wroten is such an intriguing prospect. He's 6'6'' has a great handle and is a creative passer, but after watching him shoot jumpers for 30 minutes this morning...I'm pretty skeptical. He's going to need to be brought along slowly, and he's really only there on my list because of potential. It's no wonder he was a 50% FT shooter, his jumper is flat out broken.

Just Missed - Tyshawn Taylor - Top end speed, athletic ability and length for his position, but he can be flat out dumb with the ball in his hands. Still, he's improved a lot this season and is serious about being an NBA player.

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1) Damian Lillard - can score

1) Damian Lillard - can score with the best of em, and looks the part

2) Kendall Marshall - a true distributor and a floor general

3) Marquis Teague - similar to his brother, will take a year of grooming but could be even better than Jeff

4) Tony Wroten - can't shoot but he can drive to the rim and finish better than any PG in the class

5) Scott Machado - undersized but tough as nails and should fit as a solid backup in this league

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I actually think if Bayless

I actually think if Bayless had a Scott Brooks as coach who let him play through mistakes, he could very well be close to what Westbrook is. Westbrook was allowed to make mistakes and almost ball hog for a great portion of his early career. OKC was patient instead of moving him for Chris Paul or some other top point guard and it paid off. Bayless has looked alright when he has gotten minutes. Hopefully Caulderon gets moved so he can start.

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