Pat Summit dies at age 64

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Pat Summit dies at age 64

R.I.P to a coaching legend, she elevated the women's game to a new level, 64 years young, she was one of the greatest coaches of all time...

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Better to be gone than lost

Better to be gone than lost and confused.

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you have a picture of Ron Artest.

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RIP Pat Summit - a True Pioneer in the sport

of Basketball - She was an Amazing coach & she truly took the Gender out of the sport.

I never watched women's basketball until watching Summit's Tennessee Vols & her teams were Always incredibly well prepared & disciplined.

I can Not even imagine what a horrible disease Dimensia is ---- to Lose all the memories of your Life is Horrible

to even think about - 64 is Not old in today's World - it's so sad that she was robbed of her retirement & the

time she would have spent w/ Grandchildren & family.

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