Pat Mills will be a steal...but who will take him?

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Pat Mills will be a steal...but who will take him?

Pat Mills is up there in the top 5 pg's in this draft and proved that at the olympics and for st Marys. He is lightning quick, runs the break, can score off the dribble, can shoot the ball consistently, can pass the rock and plays tough/intense D. He will be a solid player and I think will go late first round/early second round but should be a lot higher.

Not sure what team will draft him though, so wondering on any thoughts. New Orleans are a possibility as he worked out there but Maynor seems more likely. San Antonio could take him 2nd round as a back up but not sure he will last that long. Other possibilities include Minnesota, Memphis, Sacramento, Denver. Any thoughts on his best fit?

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I think Denver would be a great fit at 34. A speedy change of pace pg that could spare Chauncey minutes at the beginning of quarters. I don't think Anthony Carter can be a very effective backup pg for too much longer in the league, and for an up and coming team like the nuggets, a young quick point guard with international experience would be ideal.

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