Past players- Could they be successful today?

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Past players- Could they be successful today?

I know a lot of you guys like myself indulge in both basketball lore and video games. As I was watching some clips of Pete Maravich today it got me wondering what guys from the past do you think could still be successful in todays, fast paced, more physical game?

I know some people don't like to compare Era's but I find it inevitable with this type of question.

For me, Pistol Pete is definitely a guy that I believe would still be doing quite well even if he had played in todays league. Bernard King pre knee injury is another. He was a physically built guy, and even though he wasnt much of an outside shooter maybe because of the stress thats put on being able to shoot it now he would have focused more on it?

Let me know who you guys think from the past would still be awesome today!

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