This past draft should make anybody hungry

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This past draft should make anybody hungry

We got a serving of Beal

Double side of Lamb (Yum)

and we even have Waiters to serve .

For desert you can get some sugared PLUMlee

we need to liven up this boring forum a bit!!

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This is a very slow period in

This is a very slow period in the offseason.

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There are always things to talk about and debate

I suggest using basketball-reference as a tool to expand your historical knowledge or get ideas for discussion. Their are always solid player or team debates to be discussed, or a point you may want to prove or research. Why not rank the rookies by rookie year expectations/career expectations? Seems like these "I am bored" posts could be A LOT more creative than players semi having names to do with food.

A possible suggestion? Who do you feel was the better rebounder between the All-Time great centers? Digging deeper than just flat out statistical numbers, the answer might not be as obvious as it might appear. Here are the names I will give you:

  • Wilt Chamberlain (numbers wise, no contest. But, is he the best rebounding center of All-Time?)
  • Bill Russell (another player with monstrous numbers. Would he be able to do that in modern competition? Did he benefit from much lower shooting percentages and a higher amount of missed shots?)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (His rebounding numbers are strong. Still, I feel they are deceiving in a way. Was Kareem really the level of rebounder of these centers, or a level below?)
  • Moses Malone (Possible candidate for best rebounder of All-Time? Certainly on the offensive end, if not in general. Incredible glass crasher)
  • Hakeem Olajuwon (Certainly a great rebounder, though his offensive rebounding numbers dropped off in his prime. Just a curious statistic, though one that may have played into having stronger support)
  • Shaquille O'Neal (Someone people tended to label as a player who should grab more rebounds for his size. Nonetheless, a monster on the offensive boards. He may not have been the pound for pound rebounder that others have been, just feel that he is overlooked in his contributions. Even without a rebounding title, dig deeper and you might see that Shaq was a better board man than you would think)
  • Dwight Howard (Blame it on lack of help. Dislike the way he is handling his dealings with the Magic. This guy is a BEAST on the boards. He might be in contention as one of the best rebounding bigs in NBA history if you look deeper into the numbers)

Well, if you want to check it out and rank them, could be something to do. Also may let you learn a bit more about how Dwight Howard stacks up to the 6 centers seen by many as the best in NBA history.

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Thankx MikeyV for bringing

Thankx MikeyV for bringing Sanity to a Thread gone Awry!!!! lol

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(No subject)
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If I'm right I'm surprised

If I'm right I'm surprised nobody caught this, did you mean Veal instead of Beal?

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