Parker/Delfino not the answer for Raps

If Colangelo does not draft an off-guard b/c it will hurt the chances of re-signing Parker and Delfino he may as well trade Bosh right now. Those two weren't the answer two seasons ago, and they certainly are not now. Delfino is no answer and I can't believe some are trying to sell him as such. The Raps need a player and one will be available at 9. Harden, Derozan, or Evans would be better than anything available on the market.

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keep one

i say keep either parker or delfino, probably delfino and than draft a player to fit the other hole, because the raps are weak at sg and sf, so fill one with a FA and another with a draft pick

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Toronto is without a doubt

Toronto is without a doubt drafting derozan/evans you dont have to worry about them holding out on drafting a sg because of parker or delfino

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Additionally, 12 teams have a

Additionally, 12 teams have a portion of their Mid-Level Exception (MLE) to spend. None have the full $5 million remaining, but teams like the Orlando Magic and Milwaukee Bucks both have over $4.2 million left.

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Devin Ebanks may be able to

Devin Ebanks may be able to provide some of that as a swingman, but Johnson-Odom may be a unique and necessary fit for the Lakers in the backcourt.

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I mean, you look at the last

I mean, you look at the last two super bowl winners, both wild card teams. Last year the cardinals won the world series; wild card team. I mean, there’s more and more parody in sports, and I think that’s something that’s going to continue to work its way into the NBA game with the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). Coming into this we feel that we are in the handful of teams that’s got a shot and we are going to approach it that

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