Parker has no desire to transfer to other NBA teams

The starting pointguard of the San Antonio Spurs has categorically denied persistent report that he had the desire to transfer to other National Basketball Association (NBA) teams.
Tony Parker told the media that there is no truth to the report since his heart belongs to the Spurs and he wants to stay with the team for many years to come.
Parker said he had a house in San Antonio and had no intention at the moment to move to other NBA teams other than the Spurs.
He revealed that he has confidence that a suitable agreement will be reached between him and the Spurs so that he will remain with the team for many years to come.
To show his desire to remain with the Spurs, Parker has decided to skip the World's Basketball Championship slated on August 28 to September 12 in Istambul, Turkey.
The superstar pointguard said he decided to forego his chance to play for France in the global basketball event to help the Spurs in the next NBA season by keeping himself from injury.
The 27-year-old pointguard had been a vital factor for the success of the Spurs the past 10 years wherein he won championship with the ball club.
Parker is very significant for the Spurs management since he do not only orchestrate plays but also contribute and offense and defense as well.
The Spurs was earlier defeated by the red-hot Phoenix Suns 4-0 in their best of seven NBA second round playoff match-up.
The French pointguard and the rest of the Spurs roster tried their very best to inflict defeat to the Suns but their effort were futile as the Suns proved hotter in the end.
The NBA playoffs are now nearing its penultimate stage that professional basketball fans should not miss the chance to watch the NBA games live by getting cheap NBA tickets.

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The biggest name could be

The biggest name could be LeBron James of the Miami HEAT, who has an early termination option. Today Miami is on top but all possibilities must be considered. If James opted for free agency and the Lakers were given the choice between a 36-year old Bryant and nearly 30-year old James, wouldn’t they have to go for the latter?

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There are five active players

There are five active players who currently rank in the league’s top 25 in all-time scoring, each possessing a chance to improve their positioning on the all-time list this season.

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Part of the problem, of

Part of the problem, of course, is that unlike some of the all-time greats McGrady didn’t stay in elite shape during the NBA offseason. Like many players, he would count on being able to play himself into shape in training camp rather than staying ready during the summer, and while he was good enough to survive that way for a while, it did catch up with him fairly quickly.

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Parker is very important for

Parker is very important for the Spurs since he do not only plays but also contribute on offense and defense as well, His an outstanding player, and he honestly stated that he belongs and comfortable in Spurs Management, well, good choice then.

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this thread is way old

this thread is way old

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