Pangos Recap Part 3- The 'Meh' Factor

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Pangos Recap Part 3- The 'Meh' Factor

In part 2 of my recap I discussed players who made me say 'Wow'. Now it's time for the players who got the opposite reaction- 'Meh'. While I understand that this is a setting with a huge collection of talent, these kids are all used to playing at this level thanks to their AAU teams. Several players either didn't measure up to their respective hype or simply had down days that led me to put them here.

Steven Zimmerman- The 2015 C stands a legit 6'11" and possesses a long, awkward frame. He is very slow, but shows surprising bounce at the rim. He has a nice defensive awareness as a team defender and altered or blocked many shots. However, he played very, very poorly on the offensive side of the ball. He couldn't by a bucket save for a few dunks, and his much talked about J was completely off. He also was ripped multiple times when trying to handle the ball too much in the open court rather than coming to stop and finding a PG. From what I gathered the general thought process here was that he is still a top prospect not just for college, but eventually the NBA. One scout called him "Cody Zeller 2.0". I understand love of a smart, skilled big but for now the state of his frame, awkward body, and poor offensive showing made me say, 'Meh'. That will hopefully change as he matures, but we'll see...

Dwayne Morgan- the 6'7" combo forward had a few nice finishes but generally didn't stand out from the crowd. For a guy many scouts were checking in on, I would have liked to see more assertiveness.

Elijah Thomas- The 6'9" big man played pretty well, but his conditioning and lack of pop off the floor limits him at this point. He really needs to slim down and tone up, because I don't think he is actually 6'9". Right now he simply bully's his way to the hoop, puts a shoulder on his man and drops in a baby hook. He can do that against the physically underdeveloped bigs here, but will struggle to get that shot off against weight-training bigs at the next level. I would also like to see a mid-range J to help offset his lack of ideal height. One to keep an eye on for sure, but for now...'Meh'.

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