Pair of Trades - Must Read

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Pair of Trades - Must Read

#1 - Jazz & Minnesota.

I am a fan of both of these teams, but only one will make the playoffs (Jazz).

Paul Millsap for Luke Ridnour, Dante Cunningham, and Chase Budinger

I think that Utah gets the better end of this deal, but both teams could possibly go for it.

Jazz finally get a solid backup PG who can keep them in the hunt with Mo out, they get a stretch glue guy who provides much needed range/athleticism (when healthy), and a poor mans Millsap who can hit the mid range shot and play team defense.

Minnesota gets a great fill-in for Love that keeps them competitive this year, and a great defensive 4 who could be thrown into the mix at the 3 as well in the future. Also, in case Love wants out..... they've got Millsap.

The only reason I am proposing this trade is because Minnesota seems driven to deal Ridnour, and Utah is driven to deal Millsap.

I don't understand why Minnesota wants to get rid of the vet back up when the only real pg on the roster is Rubio. J.J. Barea is an offensive weapon off the bench who does not distribute super well. I personally think that they should keep him.

#2 - Milwaukee & Atlanta (More realistic)

Both of these teams will make the playoffs and I believe that this trade makes both teams stronger and more dangerous.

Josh Smith wants max money but does not deserve it. Therefore, Atlanta will be wise to trade him before the deadline so they don't get nothing in return.

Josh Smith & either Anthony Morrow or DeShawn Stevenson for Monta Ellis and Samuel Dalembert.

The addition of Morrow or Stevenson is just to make the numbers match up, but Morrow would be better for Milwaukee.

The Hawks would get a go to scorer who can distribute as well in Ellis, and a true center (finally) that would enable Horford to move to his natural position at the 4. I don't think that Dalembert is the answer for the future at C, but I think the Hawks should draft Rudy Gobert in this years draft and groom him under Dalembert.

Bucks on the other hand are left in need of a sg, hopefully a void they can fill with J.J. Redick. In Smith they get a versatile 4 with great shot blocking ability to pair with Larry Sanders in the frontcourt. That way they can give Ekpe Udoh the run he deserves as a backup C, and they can either move Ersan Ilyasova to the 3 or have him be a great 6th man.

Please lend me your thoughts!

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I think the only way Minny

I think the only way Minny gets involved in any trade is finding someone to take Derrick Williams in return. I do think Ridnour would be a nice fit for the jazz however

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