Pacquiao promoter targets Mayweather....again

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Pacquiao promoter targets Mayweather....again

Manny Pacquiao's promoter plans to make another attempt to set up the long-awaited boxing showdown with Floyd Mayweather Junior.

The Filipino became the first fighter to win world titles in eight divisions on Saturday night after claiming the vacant WBC super-welterweight belt from Antonio Margarito in a brutal bout that left his opponent needing facial surgery.

The 31-year-old is running out of new opponents following two failed attempts to seal a deal to fight Mayweather, who is his main rival for the title of the world's best pound-for-pound boxer.

Mayweather last fought in May, beating Shane Mosley, but has since been embroiled in domestic violence claims by his former girlfriend and faces criminal charges in court in January.

Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum told reporters after the Margarito fight in Arlington, Texas that his staff at the Top Rank organization would begin sounding out Mayweather about a fight next year.

"I will have Todd Duboef place a call directly to Floyd. Todd will ask one question and one question only, and that is whether Floyd wants to fight Manny," Arum said in quotes carried by sports website FanHouse.

"If Floyd's answer is yes about fighting Manny, then Todd will ask for Floyd's expressed permission to call his criminal lawyer. Todd will ask the lawyer if he can be sure if Floyd will be available, not on trial or otherwise occupied, on specific dates."

Mayweather is represented by Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, but has been linked with legendary entrepreneur Don King.

"If Todd gets a good answer from the lawyer, then Todd calls Floyd directly one more time," Arum said. "Todd will ask Floyd, 'Who is your chosen representative, who should we sit down with to put this fight together?'

"We don't care who Floyd says, who he picks, be it Don King, Golden Boy or anyone else."

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This fight will never happen

This fight will never happen until their both over 40yrs old and pass their prime, just like Roy Jones vs Bernard Hopkins. Too much "ducking and avoiding is going on. I wish Pacquiao was 3-4 inch taller so he can move up to middleweight class, thats where the good boxers are where the real competition is.

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Mayweather appears to be

Mayweather appears to be hoping that Pacquiao is just going to lose to one of the other challengers and they won't have to fight..... But it's not going to happen because these two are head and shoulders above the competition right now. I would buy the fight on pay per view if it were to happen.... Would be the biggest boxing fight in a long time!

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