Pacers Wolves PreDraft Trade

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Pacers Wolves PreDraft Trade

With 3 picks in the 1st round and the possibility to get Cousins at No. 4, the Wolves would probably trade Al Jefferson.
Here is a trade scenario that sounds nice to me for both part:

Al Jefferson + Ryan Gomes + Ryan Hollins + No. 16 and 23 to the Indiana Pacers.
Troy Murphy + Mike Dunleavy + Solomon Jones + No. 10.

The Pacers get inside scoring with Jefferson, a good bench player in Gomes and 2 first round picks (i see them taking Hayward and Bledsoe with these) and finally get rid of Dunleavy and Murphy contracts.

The Wolves get a lottery pick (in which they should use on Henry) and get players that can contribute for next season (no i don't talk about Jones there) and are expiring contract.

Will be glad to here your thoughts about it.

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i don't think trading al

i don't think trading al jefferson wold be a smart move. yes, cousins could be a star, but al jefferson is proven, and he is barely hitting his prime. They both play the same position, and i don't see the wolves risking their pick when they already have someone at that spot. manufacturing a trade for evan turner or a better sg would be a smarter move.

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Have you been hanging out in any vans with friends of Zac Randolph? Why don't you just propose the 2 teams merge instead?

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