Pacers need scoring help, but how and where?

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Pacers need scoring help, but how and where?

The Pacers need a go-to scorer and I understand Granger is out, but this has been the case before his injury. Is there anyone out there that you can see them acquiring?

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I think they have scoring

I think they have scoring talent. Their offense is just ugly. Vogel needs to hire an offensive coordinator because the stuff he draws up is crap. They're also in the midst of a team-wide shooting slump which is screwing up the spacing. Maybe play more Stephenson because they need more guys who can slash. The problem with that is that both West and Hibbert are trying to post up, so the paint is often clogged. If I were them I'd think about splitting up the bigs and going small more to open up the floor.

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Paul George just needs to hit, shooting just 40% from field and 33% from deep. 94% free throw though!

Also go back in time and let Roy Hibbert walk for a max deal. If Indiana did let him go to Portland, would Portland match for Batum? I think they had a enough money where they would have but I am not sure.

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i agree with the guy above,

i agree with the guy above, call me crazy but i think lance stephenson can be very good. I know he has fallen off considerably since HS but he still has a chance to be very good. Also, as much as I think Paul George is overated, i think that he could put up some points as well

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Vogel is their issue. Look

Vogel is their issue. Look at Darren Collison. He was dynamic in New Orleans goes to Indy and does not do much. Collison leaves Indy and starts to look like he did in New Orleans. Vogel does not have an offensive friendly scheme. His half court sets are brutal they need to pick up the pace.

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I am just going to put it

I am just going to put it this way, the Pacers gave Roy Hibbert a max deal this summer but only pass him the ball at the end of shot clock. Like George Hill but if he doesn't understand his role is to get the ball to the 7'2" guy who's their best passer then play DJ.

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The Pacers are an awful

The Pacers are an awful passing team, so it's no surprise they're probably the worst offensive team in the NBA.

Roy Hibbert has been terrible, regardless of when he gets the ball. The Pacers are shooting terrible as a team. Vogel is a very good defensive coach, but his offensive sets are garbage.

The Pacers have to get out of this funk offensively...

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