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are the cream of the crop in the East. I can scenarios where either one of those teams gets the number one seed in the East. I think that Miami cruises a little bit during the regular season and doesn't get the one seed. This could be huge if the eastern conference semis or finals comes down to a game seven and they don't have that one in South Beach. It'll be a fun race to watch this year. I believe Indiana takes the one seed with Miami two and Chicago three.

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I wouldn't be shocked if

I wouldn't be shocked if either the Pacers or Bulls nabbed the top seed, but I think the Heat are still the safe pick. LeBron is still hungry and says he got *better* this summer... I can't see the Heat cruising or coasting too much.

I think the battle between the Pacers and Bulls for the Central Division title will be extremely fun to watch. IF the Bulls are healthy, we know they can win 50-60 games. The Pacers still need to show they can win at that level IMO. The Pacers as a franchise haven't won 50 or more games since 2003-2004. I really love the Pacers' roster and what they do at the defensive end and on the glass, but they have to show they can play better offense.

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I think that Chicago is the

I think that Chicago is the best regular season team of the 3. The pacers are just as talented as Chicago and Miami, but have been very inconsistent in the regular season. They should have finished with a better record than they did last season. I think Miami and Chicago finish with better records, but the pacers can hang tough even without home court

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When its all said and

When its all said and done,The Nets might be included in that conversation..... Riley told a reporters that out of those teams,the Nets are the team thats concerned him the most...

D Will,Johnson and Lopez were very good last season,but they didnt seem hungry...Adding to 2 great competitors in KG & Pierce that knows how to win,2 guys that are great leaders,great in the clutch ,will help them tremendously....If everyone stays healthy they could challenge the Heat,Bulls and Pacers...

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