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What does everyone think of drafting a defensive center in withey or dieng or someone like that? I have them taking a guard and a lot of the mocks I've seen have them taking a guard as well but... The pacers did struggle with their depth in the playoffs (especially scoring) but also the defense changed without Hibbert protecting the hoop. So should the pacers try to get more depth at the guard positions for more scoring in their 2nd unit or should they get someone to rebound and protect the rim while Hibbert goes out. Because Mahinmi flat out sucks lol Thoughts??

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I really like Withey and he

I really like Withey and he would be a good pickup at 23. Then they could go for a shooter at 53. Seth Curry could work.

They mostly need depth so they could probably go BPA in the first round and then address a need (shooter?) in the second round.

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Heres how I see it. If West

Heres how I see it. If West re-signs(which he probably will), theyll have Hibbert/Mahinmi at center with West/Plumlee at power forward and George/Granger at small forward. Im thinking backcourt guy at #23, maybe a backup PG like Canaan or Wolters since Augustin is a UFA and might not be back. Again, just my view.

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No way George or Granger is

No way George or Granger is alright with being a sixth man. Both are starting caliber players. They'll have to trade Granger.

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Not sure why you got negged

Not sure why you got negged for that. They'd trade him, trade for him back, cut him, resign him, and trade him away again before they'd play him off the bench.

Which is to say that he's just not going to play off the bench.

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I'd love to see the Pacers

I'd love to see the Pacers take Tim Hardaway Jr.

He seems like one of those blue-collar players that plays hard and competes on both ends. He also has a nice offensive game that the Pacers so desperately need off the bench.

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I like Tony Mitchell with

I like Tony Mitchell with their defensive system.

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They will trade Granger to get either a PG or C

Then draft BPA. Indiana ALWAYS drafts BPA, which has caused logjams at some positions in the past but generally works out ok for them.

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Tim Hardaway Jr. has a very

Tim Hardaway Jr. has a very good skill set. He could be a great third guard behind Hill and Stephenson (he might be better than Lance though). He could also play backup small forward in smaller lineups.

I agree with Tongue-Out, Tim would be a great pick for them -- I don't have him available at 23 but anything can happen in this draft.

They have to look at Allen Crabbe and Reggie Bullock too.

At 53 they should look at a bigger guy if they go small with their first rounder. Ryan Kelly would be a great stretch four option off the bench but I think he is trending higher. Trevor Mbakwe would be a good option at the 4 spot, undersized and injury prone but a guy who can rebound with a high motor.

I am not seeing Seth Curry on any boards, but he would be a great pick for them at 53. He can shoot the 3 and he played at a great system. He had 29 and 6 3's against Michigan State in the tourney so its not like he was beating up on scrubs. The Pacers need outside shooting and Seth is a good one. Indy could also use him as a cheaper DJ Augustin replacement.

Hardaway, Jr. and Seth Curry would be a good draft for them. Gives them more depth on the perimeter, a good all around guard with upside in Hardaway plus a pure shooter in Curry. That combo off the bench at guard could also help Seth Curry. Curry could spot up and shoot with Hardaway handling the ball and defending the tougher guard matchup.

Then they can trade Granger for big man depth, or sign a cheaper power forward like Carl Landry or someone who can score inside a bit. The Pacers need help at the 4, but this is not a good draft for power forwards, especially late. If they do go small in the draft then I think they should resign Psycho T. He is limited but he should come cheap. He has a great motor and can mix it up inside.

I think the Pacers are in good shape. But, the Heat aren't going anywhere. Especially after that blowout win in game 2 last night. The Pacers should go BPA but they need to address their weaknesses. Outside shooting and ball handling/turnovers. They could also use a guy who can guard LeBron. I think Hardaway and Curry could give them shooting and ball handling, while Hardaway might not be a guy to throw at LBJ, he might be able to be another guy they can throw at D Wade or Big Game Mario Chalmers.

I don't know what Danny Granger's trade value is. He has knee problems which is not good. He also makes a lot of money at $13 million a year. So what can they get for that? If I were Indiana I would try to trade him to the Orlando Magic for Jameer Nelson and Big Baby Davis. That would be a great trade for Indy and it would bolster their bench. The Magic then take a flyer on a guy with talent and they free up playing time at the 1 and 4 spots. If I were Orlando I might also want Indy to throw in the Hansbrough brothers as young players on cheap contracts. With Tyler being a tough, hard nosed winner off the bench, with Ben being a backup shooter.

For this trade, if I am Orlando I might try to get DJ Augustin too for point guard depth. Indy says ok if Orlando throws in their 51st pick. At 51 the Pacers can take Colton Iverson for depth at center.

Retooled Pacers Team:


PG George Hill
SG Lance Stephenson
SF Paul George
PF David West
C Roy Hibbert


PG Jameer Nelson
SG Tim Hardaway, Jr. (23rd pick)
SF Sam Young
PF Glen Davis
C Ian Mahinmi


PG Seth Curry (53rd pick)
PF Miles Plumlee
C Colton Iverson (51st pick)

I like this new and improved Pacers squad. They get some good draft picks to add shooting and scoring from the guard spots and they turn Danny Granger into some solid veteran pieces off the bench. This might actually be one of the better benches in the league. With Hardaway, Jr. as the 6th man, Nelson and Big Baby being the two veterans for the 8 man rotation. Then they have specialists such as Seth Curry for 3 point shooting, Sam Young for defense and toughness on the wing, and Mahinmi inside for defense and shot blocking.

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