Overrated/Underrated Player From This Years Draft

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Overrated/Underrated Player From This Years Draft

Lets hear your pick for the most overrated/ underrated player from this years draft.

my pick

Overrated - Klay Thompson (projected 12th pick)

- Just dont see anything special in him

Underrated - Jimmer Fredette (projected 15th pick)

- Think he can surprise people in the NBA (his athletisim isnt that bad as he had some nice dunks + athletic layups which i know doesnt mean much / i dought he is significantly less athletic then guys like nash+curry) i have feeling that he might have the same type of impact that curry had if placed in the right situation (just a gut fealing)

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Overrated - agreed, Klay

Overrated - agreed, Klay Thompson... Kids got a nice jumper but that's about it

Underrated - Kenneth Faried, he could turn out to be one of the most productive players in the draft... Everyone knows he can really rebound and he plays hard every play

Marshon Brooks as well, he's got some Kobe in him. Not making the comparison just sayin... He can put the ball in the hole

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Overrated is Kyrie Irving.

Overrated is Kyrie Irving. There are a lot of underrated prospects.

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overrated - kanter 2/3 pick

overrated - kanter 2/3 pick biyombo 5-7th pick. 1 fluke game doesn't make you a high pick

underrated - faried and singleton - great motors and willing to work hard along with good defence will see them get good mins on their teams.

mccamey - mid second rounder - i think he will find a home as a servicable back pg...

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Overrated - Bismack Biyombo -

Overrated - Bismack Biyombo - This guys no lottery pick...does the name Ryan Richards ring a bell to any of you?

Underrated - Jimmer/Marshon - Knack for scoring, if there dropping 25+ when theyre the focus of the defense, they should be pretty productive on a team with other players that can actually play ball...Brooks especially

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^^^^^^^ Biyombo has proved

^^^^^^^ Biyombo has proved himself in the Spanish league which is widely considered second best league after the NBA,he is overrated but he has nothing to do with Ryan Richards and it isn't 1 fluke game either,but agree he shouldn't be top 10 pick

Kanter: has injury concerns,has age concerns like Bismack :
(and his country has done it b4 ) and didn't play competitive basketball for 2 years,he might be good but not top 3 pick

Underrated : Donatas Motiejunas,him not being selected in the lottery will be huge surprise for me,hoestly I think he will be one of the best players in the draft

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Overrated: Irving Kanter D




D Williams (because he insists he is a SF but plays PF most of the time)




Malcom Lee (He will be as deadly as his UCLA PG counterparts)

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Overrated: Kyrie Irving - say


Kyrie Irving - say what you want but he only played 12 games and Duke disappointed in the tournament.

Jan Vesely - overly dependent on athleticism and lacks a jumpshot.

Davis Bertans - He is very tall but entire game is shooting on the perimeter. Real project if in 1st round.


Jordan Hamilton - Strong overall game. May be able to contribute immediately.

Nikola Vucevic - Not much presence at USC but he's young and has good size at C considering he's a late 2nd rounder.

Jeremy Taylor - Another guy with size. I think with a strict coach he can live upto his former potential.

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Ryan Richards didn't play a

Ryan Richards didn't play a game that we can comment on. He only looked good in workouts. Bismark has a game we can discuss on.

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Underrated - Chris Singleton

Underrated - Chris Singleton - the guy is going to be a lockdown defender who can guard just about any position, offense aside I feel like he should be drafted a lot higher than he's being projected right now. Especially in a draft this weak.

Overrated - Bismack, again, I feel he should be a late teens to early 20's pick, but I feel he'll be off the board by 10.

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Richards and Biyombo are

Richards and Biyombo are similar because theyre international players that gained a lot of hype over a short span of time.

Biyombo is definetly much better, but I dont see him as the lottery pick that everybody else has him at..he should be selected somewhere in the later 20s imo, but he probably wont...

I think hes this years Hassan Whiteside, in the sense that hes an athletic specimen with limited skill, so he has the widest range, if any of you remember, Whiteside last year could of went as high as i think 14 to as low as 40-something. Biyombo wont drop so low, but his range is just as wide...

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Overrated: Knight: lacks pg

Overrated: Knight: lacks pg skills and athleticism

Hamilton: bad shot selection and ball handling

Singler: Have a really hard time seeing him find a role in the NBA (as opposed to the media)

Tristan Thompson: Lacks offensive game, has mediocre size and athleticism, I think he shouldn't go top 10

Underrated: Jimmer: Could be the best offensive pg in this draft, has excellent intangibles, defense is biggest issue, but he had to expend a lot of energy on offense in college

Singleton: Has the size to play the 4, could be a terror in transition, great defender

DeAndre Liggins: Probably won't be an instant contributor, but I think he could be a solid back-up wing in a couple of years. I think he has the best potential to be a Landry Fields-esque sleeper in this draft, a player who comes in and gets big minutes as a role player early on.

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yo is this the real Joe Wolf

yo is this the real Joe Wolf that I saw on tv at the NBA Combine??? If so, you were hittin' the boards hard homie lol

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UnderRated- Reggie Jackson


Reggie Jackson PG/SG- He reminds me on Roddy Buckets one of my favorite young players due to his size and speed 6'3, 7 foot wingspan he needs to work on his point gaurd skills still but he can do a little bit of everything and could develope into a Jason Terry type player. NBAdraft has him in the second round.


Marcus Morris SF/PF- I have never been a fan of his. He is a tweener in the worst way not long enough or big enough to gaurd PFs not fast enough to gaurd SFs and not a great ball handler. He can hit jumpers and is pretty polished offensively but there is no explosivness to his gameand he seems to be a finished product. I don't see him being any more then a backup.

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@I'm just so offendeed Haha,

@I'm just so offendeed

Haha, yeah, that's him.

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Kyle Singler is extremely

Kyle Singler is extremely underrated. I think people look at him and see some unathletic white guy, funny thing is he is very agile and fluid, long, and aggressive. Singler is one of the best wing defenders in the draft, has good range, tons of experience and leadership, a undisputed winner and was coached by Coach K for 3 years. Kyle shoot rocket up draft boards come selection time, usually in mocks I see him being selected around 45th. Mid to late 1st rounder.

Greg Smith is already starting to turn heads with his nice, yet kind of short measurements. We alreayd know he is a great athlete, and a very big body on top of that. He is like this years Tiny Gallon, but in shape, a better athlete and without the headcase issues.

Micheal Dunigan looks like a seriously nice prospect. He works well out of picks, has a ice mid range game, a good post game, and is very athletic. His wingspan and measurements speak for himself. I think over time he can develop into a role similar to the one Mcdyess plays now. Definitely looks to be a D-League star at the very least.

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Overrated - Klay Thompson,

Overrated - Klay Thompson, Jimmer Fredette

Reason : Klay is a good shooter thats all. . Jimmer i think will be a bust.

Underrated : Chris Singleton, Josh Selby, Marshon Brooks, Norris Cole Jordan Hamilton.

Reason. Singleton will be develop into a good all around player ,reminds me of Wilson Chandler. Josh Selby can really create and score in many ways, reminds me of Monta ellis / Jason Terry. Norris Cole will be a good pg in the league . Jordan Hamilton is super talented , he will be an all star Marshon Brooks can score at will, has great size , can play D, potential all star.

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Jimmer i think will be a

Jimmer i think will be a bust.

He weighs 17 more pounds than Steve Nash and 20 more pounds than Danny Ainge when he played in the NBA so if he has to lose weight to get quicker he will

Also think Klay will be a decent player but never an allstar

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Klay averaged 5 boards and 4

Klay averaged 5 boards and 4 assists and 1.6 steals. He was the second best player in the PAC behind Derrick Williams. He does more then just shoot and that's it. With that said, I don't know if he will be anything special in the NBA. I've been comparing him to chase buddinger for years and I still like that comparison even though he has improved his ball handling significantly.

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All these people saying

All these people saying Jimmer is underrated, and Marshon is underrated. I think your half wrong and half right.

Both of these guys can score. Jimmer is a better shooter. But Marshon is better at everything else and has more size and wont have to play point in the NBA (Jimmer at the point? really? why not just tell your fans were shooting for 35 wins), yet Jimmer is probably going to go 10-20 picks ahead of Marshon.

Theres your overrated/underrated right there.

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I have Singleton going to the

I have Singleton going to the Rockets, I have Jimmer going to the Pacers (an ideal 6th man and the Pacers need a backup point guard), and Marshon Brooks going to the Wizards at 18.

I have the Wizards as the winners in this draft with Kawhi Leonard at 6 (a true small forward with athleticism and a great motor who will do the dirty work. a perfect fit), Brooks at 18 who should fit in well with John Wall (Jordan Crawford becomes the sixth man), then Chandler Parsons in the second round who has a game sort of similar to Jan Vesely (athlete, decent height, can do some of everything, no true position).

I like Kyle Singler, epecially in the late first round. I have him going to the Thunder and if they move Harden to the starting lineup then Singler would make a good sixth man for them. A good fourth/fifth option along with Serge Ibaka (behind Durant, Westbrook, and Harden). Would form the best wing combination in the NBA with Durant, Harden, Singler, Sefolosha, and Cook. Can also play some stretch four if they want to go small with Durant and Ibaka up front, or the 3 if they want to go big with Westbrook and Durant at guard, Singler at small forward, along with Ibaka and Perkins/Collison/Nazr/Cole up front.

I like Shelvin Mack as instant offense off the bench for the Bulls. I still think they miss Ben Gordon.

Keith Benson could turn into a solid backup center and teams can always use more centers.

I also like Darius Morris as a solid pickup for the Heat. He could turn into their starting point guard. I think the Heat's biggest need is at point guard with the front line of Bosh, Haslem, Joel Anthony, along with a few 7 foot stiffs looks solid. Dexter Pittman should also help their front line. James Jones is a good shooter from the wing, and Mike Miller is untradable (and he can't get any worse can he?). Mike Bibby is by no means the long-term answer to any possible long-term question.

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