Over / Under game - $1 million

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Over / Under game - $1 million

Joel "In-bed injured" with his $180 million over 5 years.

He has played about 30 games in just 3 seasons.

Over / Under game. Will Joel earn under or over $1 million per game for the next 5 seasons ? Basically if he plays less than 180 games in the next 5 seasons he averages over $1 mill per game !!

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1. Injury history cannot be ignored. Learn from big men of the past.

2. I REALLY hope I am wrong. He is so much fun to watch.

3. They have him on limited minutes, but at some point in this 5 year journey the Sixers will have to take the kid gloves off and ask him to earn his money. That is a key time to see if he is permanently brittle or finally ready for the grind.

4. I am in the "you have to pay him" boat. Even if I think he will have a permanent injury history, the fact is he is special and the Sixers have already made moves to build around him (trading Noel, snubbing Oak ect). You have to take the gamble at this point.

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Joel could seriously be the

Joel could seriously be the biggest "what if" of all time. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he is permanently sidelined with injuries within one year.

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Thats crazy. I dont even want

Thats crazy. I dont even want to say under. Just to keep it real the thought of that makes me sick.

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