Otto Porter Works Out for Wizards...Thinks They are A Playoff Team

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Otto Porter Works Out for Wizards...Thinks They are A Playoff Team

Otto Porter, who many think will be Washington's choice in a couple weeks, worked out for the team this morning..

Porter is scheduled to workout for only the top 3 teams in the draft.

He seems excited about the possibility of staying in D.C and playing with Wall and Beal..Most surprisingly he thinks they're a playoff team next season..

What do you think?

Here are his quotes:

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I think they are as

I think they are as well.

They played a lot better than the Bucks when Wall was healthy. So if Wall can stay healthy this season, they should snag a 7/8 seed.

24-25 with Wall. 5-28 without him.

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I agree. They need to plug

I agree.

They need to plug some holes offensively though. Can't make a run at the playoffs when you're the worst offensive team in the league.. I'm hoping Porter helps out on that side of the court, since Washington is pretty good defensively (8th in defensive efficiency)

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0-12 to start, 0-6 to finish, 5-28 without wall, 24-25 with wall...but then beal had like 3 injuries in 2013 solely, they finished 1-9 the last 10 games he missed, the half season they were quite healthy(24-18 sequence), since the nene trade last season, him and wall on the court together are like 56%(46 wins season).
I saw them beat and even destroy(sometimes) the thunder, heat, knicks, clipps, bulls, lakers, grizzlies, nets, pacers and co, but at the same time failed pitifully multiple times against lower competition ala bobcats.
Wall missed 33 games, beal 26, ariza 26, nene 21, booker 34, aj price (weak official back up PG) 25.
Give them porter, resign webster who has found his niche, sign a legit(veteran) back up PG and some health, they have a shot...good mix between vets(nene-okafor-ariza-X), youth(wall-beal-porter-seraphin), athleticism(every spot), length(wall-ariza-porter), D(perimeter, post, on or off ball), shot blocking(everybody from the point to the C, beal-wall 1,3 block last season), shooting(beal-webster and others, with wall they were the 2nd 3pt shooting team in the league, even guys like ariza were 40%, devastating corner threes).

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Well he isn't going to say

Well he isn't going to say that he believes they will be in the gutter for 5 years. How many times have you heard newly drafted players or free agents say "this team has a lot of good pieces"

Refer to this video for more info.

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If they can stay injury-free,

If they can stay injury-free, then they can be a playoff team. There are some teams in the east though that will be much improved though as well. The 76ers, Raptors, and Cavs all have solid influxes of young talent like the Wizards do and any one of them could be much-improved next year. Throw in Boston, Chicago, and Indiana all getting their best players back from injuries at some point and you have a much-improved Eastern Conference next year. Let's not also forget that Atlanta is in excellent position to add some superstar-level free agents during the Summer.

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Doesn't pretty much everyone

Doesn't pretty much everyone think the Wizards can make the playoffs in the East if they have a full healthy season? Sure, they aren't a lock, but they certainly are in the mix.

Porter would be a great pickup for the Wiz. I bet they are hoping he is there for them.

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They are close. If they

They are close.

If they could get a full season of Wall/Nene + some more development from Beal, a solid big in Seraphin, Okafor is solid (just overpaid greatly) and some more solid wing play, they are right there, Milwaukee isn't good, the Sixers are far away atm, Toronto isn't good, Detroit could offer some resistance.

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Cavs and Wiz should be a good

Cavs and Wiz should be a good young east playoff rivalry in the following years.

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I gotta see it to believe it

I gotta see it to believe it first. There are certain teams can count on to do good no matter how grim things may look (Heat, Celtics, Spurs). Then there are teams I almost ways expect to do poorly no matter how good things look (Wizards, Kings, Timberwolves). I love to see teams turn the corner and become contenders like the Clippers but just because they look good on paper it doesn't mean much to me.

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Since and before Wall came

Since and before Wall came back:
OffRating: 101.7 (23rd of 30) up from 93.1, which was a distant last
DefRating: 99.7 (6th of 30) down from 101.9 (12th of 30)
A/TO ratio: 1.48 (19th of 30) up from 1.36 (27th of 30)

March and April stats for Wall:
22.7 ppg, 7.8 apg, 4.8 rpg, 46-34-80 splits. Wall attempted just over 1 three per game in that stretch.

I thought they'd desperately need a shot blocking presence down low rather than going after Porter (bottom-10 in blocks per game and Wall, Jason Collins, and Seraphin provided 100 of their 376 blocks) but they at least cracked the top 10 in lowest FG% allowed around the rim and were top 5 in least amount of attempts around the rim. Similar results from 5-9 feet as well.

Basically, Porter would be a good pick, but if Wall and Beal can stay healthy they'll have a good shot at cracking the playoffs whether they go with Porter or a defensive presence in the paint.

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unfortunately, there aren't

unfortunately, there aren't many shot blocking presences in this years draft..

they'll likely take the best player available... besides, the Wiz were 8th in defensive efficiency last season. they need someone who could put the ball in the basket.

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