Otto Porter...

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Otto Porter...

Otto Porter has gotten absolutely zero run for the Wiz this season. It hasn't been much of a concern for the Wizards this season since Trevor Ariza, Martell Webster and Trvor Booker have played well for them. On the flip side, he was the number 3 overall pick in the draft and you need your high lottery pick to show more than Porter showed this year. I don't know if playing in Georgetown's methodical and plodding system had anything to do with it, but in my opinion Porter just wasn't physically ready to be an NBA player. I'll never forget what he said during the summer league last year when he said how surprised he was at the speed of the NBA game. This was absolutely shocking to me to hear a guy drafted that high say something like that. Of course, he's still young and has time to develop. What does Porter need to work on in order to be a contributor next year? He's not a bust as of now, but still has a LONG ways to go before he can be a consistent contributor for the Wizards.

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Some players just are not

Some players just are not ready for the NBA out of college.. He needs to work on many areas, and the Wizards just dont have the time for him to develop..

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Funny that people labeled him

Funny that people labeled him the most "safe" and "NBA-ready" prospect in the draft.

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the funny thing is, even

the funny thing is, even before he was selected, the worry about him was is he anything more than a NBA role player.people viewed him as a low ceiling guy.

now, he obviously hasnt had the chance to play alot of minutes, but in the minute he did, he didnt show anything.

people were labeling him " NBA ready" yet, he's far from that. light frame and the speed of the game is too much for him so far.

Wizards wiffed on this one. even if he plays well next year, i dont see real upside with him.

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Kids on this website make me

Kids on this website make me laugh - they change their mind like the wind !! He hasn't produced after just one season so lets label him a bust.

How many topics and posts were made about John Wall and Brad Beal not being very good, now look where they are ....

Porter is still going to be a good NBA player - I haven't changed my mind on him

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hmm i duno

didnt show up in some big games, questionable personality. Didnt compete against the same elite competition growing up, didnt do one thing great. Didnt really have one niche where someone could say "hes a great". Washington would have been way better off taking the gamble on Noel.

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I hate when people state the

I hate when people state the fact he said the NBA speed suirprised him compared to the college game and use it against him. Truth is, majority of the players who make the jump feel that way, Porter just verbally admitted it. Seems like a pretty honest guy to me. The only thing I can take away from such a statement is that many people were wrong about him being NBA ready.

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The criticism he has gotten

The criticism he has gotten is unfair. He started the season hurt when he injured his hip in a player organized workout before training camp. Ended up missing training camp, and an early part of the season. But with Trevor Ariza having a career year and Webster coming off the bench the were just not a lot of minutes for Otto. The Wizards should have considered the D-League since there really was no opportunity to develop him. To answer the question he needs minutes. Garbage time is pretty much all we've been able to see of him.

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Fantasy league

I told my son to pick him on his fantasy team that he was going to be rookie of the, and I thought I knew things....still too early to call him a bust

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I don't know what Porter's future is, but this shows how important the situation of the drafting team is to a prospect. The Wizards were better than most people expected and their priority was making the playoffs vs developing their rookie.

If Porter was drafted by the Sixers and allowed to play 30 minutes a night what would his rookie season look like?

He has hardly played at all so that means that he hasn't had a chance to show what he can do. You can't use the word "bust" at this point. It isn't fair to him.

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Ariza is out of contract this

Ariza is out of contract this year, so a lot could depend on what sort of offers he gets. The Wizards have Seraphin, Booker, Gortat as well as Ariza out of contract. So their front office will have some work to do deciding how much they can spend and what market value is for the players concerned.

Porter does need time to develop but if he is seeing virtually zero playing time then it is a worry for him. But with the Wizards making the play offs and winning a series, their main aim is to continue being successful not trying to give individuals increased minutes.

Thomas Robinson was also considered a safe choice but he has bounced around 3 teams and hardly set the NBA on fire either.

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Funny but for all the

Funny but for all the criticism the Cavs have received for taking Bennett #1, I remember so many people saying they should take Porter because he was a "perfect fit" for them and would be the ideal jack-of-all trades kind of player for a playoff team

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Too early

Too early to tell. Let's be honest the draft class as a whole was not impressive Bennett, Mcclemore, Porter, Zeller, even Oladiapo struggles at times. They need a few years before we past judgement.

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Forgot he even existed.

Forgot he even existed.

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Porter started out the season

Porter started out the season hurt, and Washington was not in a position to upset its rotation to cater to a rookie. I like Porter, and think he will be fine. It was an unfortunate start, but injuries happen. Ariza and Webster are better players right now, and if you want to win games are better players to have out there.

For a draft pick, the summer league is just an introduction, and the results meaningless. Michael Carter-Williams shot 27 percent and turned it over 24 times in 5 games. Despite never playing a meaningful minute of basketball this past season, MCW did fine. Cody Zeller was stellar in the summer league and mediocre all season. Porter was bad in the summer, got hurt, and never was really seen from again. It mattered for Ian Clark because he got him an opportunity with the Jazz. He didn't really play enough with the Jazz to praise or criticize him, but he was there. For 1st round draft picks, though, it is just a flip of the coin.

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