Otto Porter

I would take him before Anthony Bennett.. Bennett, is another combo forward type just like Derrick Williams, Thomas Robinson, and Terrance Jones. None of them are exactly tearing the league apart. I do not think Porter will ever be a star but he will be one of those players that sticks around for 10-15 years. He is a true SF and could start for a good team.

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I don't know why you felt the

I don't know why you felt the need to say you would take Porter over Bennett and not mentioning anybody else, like where overall you feel Porter should be taken.

I like Porter but I hate G'Town players because they are so hard to predict. And Porter is a perimeter player while like you mentioned Bennett is a combo forward. So would you take Porter over other perimeter prospects like B Mac and Bazz? I wouldn't even consider it.

If you're the Bobcats would you take Porter over Bennett despite having MKG and needing a PF?

And for the record Thomas Robinson and Terrence Jones are clear PF's they aren't really tweeners and Derrick Williams is just miscasted on the wrong roster.

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Anthony Bennett is Derrick

Anthony Bennett is Derrick Williams but stronger

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Im quite high on Porter also.

Im quite high on Porter also. Am hoping he will still be there at 7-9th pick for the Pistons

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Seeing as you've guys have

Seeing as you've guys have been able to snag guys that were projected to go higher 3 times in a row. He should fall right to you

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I am also high on him, I

I am also high on him, I don't think he'll ever be a star but I think he's a safe pick and will be a great glue guy that is not great and anything but good at everything. Batum/Prince like. I'd be happy with the Suns taking him.

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Two of the guys you mentioned

Two of the guys you mentioned that aren't "tearing the league apart" are rookies. What rookie has tore the league apart? Just sounded like you were writting them off, which is premature.
I haven't seen Doug play, so I can't say much about him. But to me Porter is at the very least a hustle guy. A player that plays within himself and the teams system (Don't all Hoyas). Plays to his strengths and plays hard. Every team can use a guy like him. I could see him going pretty early 5-8 kinda thing.

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I like Otto Porter he will be

I like Otto Porter he will be a nice solid player in this league. As for Anthony Bennett it will come down to how his coaches use him. Ive seen plenty of coaches make or ruin a players career and i feel Bennett given his tweenerness will need to be used properly(at power forward). But if Bennett is used properly mark me he will be a stud in this league. Hes a more athletic Paul Millsap with a better jump shot and ball handling. Bennett is a BEAST.

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Bennett is nothing at all like the guys you mentioned. He has a very developed and crafty offensive game, and attacks the offensive glass. The guys you mentioned are just athletes, Bennett can ball and is a smart player. He is not a combo forward either. He is an undersized PF who can make up for the lack of height with strength and length.

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Derrick Williams is playing

Derrick Williams is playing fine. He's 21 years old, in his second season in the league and his stats per 36 minutes are 16.9 PPG and 8.2 RPG. Unfortunately he's not getting as much PT as he probably should in Minny.

Instead of using the comparisons you gave we could instead point at successful combo forward types like Carmelo Anthony, Paul Millsap, Josh Smith, Kenneth Faried, Thaddeus Young etc.

Bennett, despite his last 2 games, has been a consistent force as a freshman for UNLV. He doesn't just rely on athletic ability but also skill, motor and a well rounded offensive game. Really height is one of the few things he lacks. That being said while I probably wouldn't take him in the top 3, he has certainly shown that he would be a good choice in the top 10.

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Yeah Bennett is good. Why is

Yeah Bennett is good. Why is he being compared to Derrick Williams haha. two very different players

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