The other side of the modern COSPLAY

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The other side of the modern COSPLAY

The other side of the modern COSPLAY

COSPLAY is the English“Costume Play” acronym, meaning "role-playing." 50's last century, was born in the United States Mickey Mouse at Disneyland can be described as the source of the modern COSPLAY, entirely from the imagination of people, dressed in cosplay costumes as a cartoon image appears, letting kissing, hugging, photo, this is the play and film COSPLAY The biggest difference between playing characters play.

As late last century, Japanese comics and animation and game popular in the world to cartoon image of ideas and will have the largest base of COSPLAY dress carrier, who is keen to play COSPLAY proudly call themselves Cosplayer, they almost unanimously tells : "We are only going because I like anime COSPLAY's."
In Japan, Korea, Germany and other countries COSPLAY popular, many said this was a new wave of acts, with "gorgeous, wonderful, stylish, cool, stylish" and other words to describe the Cosplayer. Japanese COSPLAY stars Shiina Zai Shuo said this: COSPLAY is very creative, it is first drawn out through the technology of three-dimensional animation of virtual reproduction of the image, who should be doing all it can to dress up exaggerated facial expressions, their appearance, imagination circumstances, this is a comic from passive to active "create" a new process of self, a sense of achievement, so do not think that just the appearance of the visualization COSPLAY, it is more needed insight into the inner person, I prefer to call this One of the most self-loving and the latest wave of urban culture.

In fact, “Shiina Zai Shuo just a name in the network of animation, I do not really call Shiina Zai Shuo. But I will not tell people my real name, because removing cosplay costumes, me and ordinary people no different.” Shiina Zai Shuo said.

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