OT: NSA Sim League - Looking for GM's from

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OT: NSA Sim League - Looking for GM's from

Hello and welcome to the NSA sim league. We're trying to recruit RGM members to be GM's in our league. The NSA is designed to be a long lasting sim league that will be a lot of fun. If you've ever dreamed about running your own NBA franchise, this league is for you. We use Wolverine Studios' Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3 as our sim engine to simulate all of our games and seasons. I've test simulated five seasons on my own and used to run a private league of my own with some friends. Now I'm ready to go public and invite all of you to join. If you do not plan on being active and being in it for the long haul, please do not sign up. Go ahead and register on our forum site and fill out the sign-up sheet.

Our site:

-David Lee (NSA Commish)

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