Orlando v. Celtics Summer League Game Thoughts


Victor Oladipo looked pretty good here. He came out the gates and drilled 2 3’s, proving that he is confident enough to stick shots when Darius Johnson-Odom dived screens. Still very strong and athletic, and plays with a good amount of aggression. Active defender and rebounder. Played a lot of PG today, and was a mixed bag, but was better than I expected considering he never played there before. Was average setting up the offense, but he made quite a few passes that were bad, including one time throwing the ball off the bottom of the backcourt on a post entry. Doesn’t look natural as a pick and roll or transition PG. Needs to work on playing more under control. Got to the foul line at a good rate. Struggled a bit after the 1st half as a scorer, and really doesn’t seem to be a guy that should be relied on to be a pure scorer. Plays with more effort and like he has something to prove more than a typical Summer League guy who was selected 2nd overall. Will have an immediate impact next season.

Mo Harkless was alright. A very good natural talent. Played some at both forward spots, but looked good on the perimeter. Hit a few shots and made some nice finishes at the rim. Still has little mid-range game and should improve on that. Shoots a soft shot, but isnt a knockdown shooter at all. Still, he’s so physically gifted and his knack for scoring at the rim make him a guy who will continue to be a rotation guy for Orlando. If he ever gets better with his handle and jumper, look out. Big upside.

Andrew Nicholson had a forgettable game. He struggled with fouls all game long and didn’t convert his mid-range or long range shots. Plays smart and usually is solid, but it just wasn’t his day. 1-9 FG, 2 boards, 6 fouls. Needs to get stronger. Lacks athleticism.

Kyle O’Quinn made his presence felt around the hoop as a rebounder and at times as a post defender. He’s strong and long. Not going to score much though.

Doron Lamb showed up and stuck all of his jumpers. He’s still the same pure shooter he was at Kentucky. Doesn’t really provide any other true NBA caliber skills outside of his jumper. Played some PG, was OK.

Rodney McGruder was out there! He played very well when he was out there. Got 11 points in 10 minutes of action, made some plays at the rim and hit his jumpers too. Good for him.

Romero Osby was very impressive. He was a slept on player at Oklahoma, but he showed why he was such a matchup nightmare in the Big 12. A very talented offensive player, can face up or post, and he plays with energy. He’s short for a PF, but he really competed well today. Was good at getting offensive rebounds and is a sneakily good athlete. Needs to work on his defense a bit though. Wouldn’t be surprised if he made their roster opening day.


Kelly Olynyk looked very, very nice. He didn’t struggle with the foul heavy Summer League play at all offensively. Was outstanding in the 1st half. A big talent offensively, and he’s good real good size. Showed a nice post game, and even make a couple of 3’s. Feathery touch. Has a left shoulder turnaround jumper. Shows no problem getting his shots off. Rebounded decent. Good hands. Struggled with his footwork at times, he has nice diversity in how he looks to score, but sometimes he tries to do too much and was called quite a few times for traveling. Defensively, he was foul prone and needs improvement on his awareness and going straight up around the rim. Still, he was better than he generally looked at Gonzaga in this game. Still could get tougher. Still, he’s a very skilled guy with nice finesse to his game. Should be an immediate contributor next season for Boston. Can play either forward spot as a 7 footer.

Fab Melo did what Fab Melo does. He rebounded well, and was a presence in the paint defensively, but he made a few nice plays offensively too at times. He’s still a bit robotic, but he is moving better than he used to. He’s not ever going to be a high level scorer, but he did a solid job this game of not being too foul prone and he made enough finishes at the rim to not be a liability on offense. He could get spot minutes next season at the C post. His size is going to allow him chances to help in Boston, just has to get less robotic and keep working on defense without fouling.

Darius Johnson-Odom struggled all game. Still plays like a 6’2 SG, which is hard to overlook, especially with Avery Bradley on the roster. Is very strong, quick and is a sudden athlete though. Aggressive. A gritty defender.

Flip Pressey was exciting but erratic too. He looked impressive scoring and is a vocal leader though. Was a bit too wild with some of his passes. Sometimes he saw teammates before they expected him to, which led to a few turnovers. Shows bouncy athleticism and is quick, and his court vision is very good, even though it’s a gift and a curse at times. Fun to watch.

Tony Mitchell (Alabama) is still a great athlete, and his perimeter game has improved too. Defenitely looks like an NBA SF. Very strong. His shooting form is still shaky due to a narrow base, but he hit most of his jumpers. Got a few steals off some lazy passes. Was aggressive getting to the rim and drew a few fouls early. Needs to work on his handle and shooting form. Perimeter game still a work in progress despite improvements.

Colton Iverson is a big body who isnt going to score much. Mostly a rebounder. Quite a foul fews called on him.

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Oladipo: "Played a lot of PG

Oladipo: "Played a lot of PG today, and was a mixed bag, but was better than I expected considering he never played there before."

He said he ran full PT in some Indiana workouts, I never knew that either.

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I never wouldve guessed a

I never wouldve guessed a team saw Oladipo as a PG.

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I just wish the announcers

I just wish the announcers would give a little info on some of the players.....never showed a starting lineup....had to go to the summer league sites to identify some of the numbers

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I really liked Iverson's work

I really liked Iverson's work on the boards... had a couple O rebounds on the same possession and blocked a couple shots. Really active player

I have never liked Pressey but I see the appeal and concern with his flashy passes. He rifled some bullets out of bounds.

Fells and Granger had some flashes but ultimately aren't NBA players

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His passes looked like Tebow's

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Oladipo scores off the ball

can't score of the ball when you're playing point guard. Lose his scoring efficiency playing PG. I disagree he can score a ton. Watch. But he has to mainly be a 2 that sometimes points. He Also needs plays ran for him so he can come off of screens and be ready to fire or attack.

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Maybe the long term plan is

Maybe the long term plan is for Oladipo to play SG, but due to the fact they have no real point there they are trying him out.

They have a lot of wings: Harkless, Afflalo, Nicholson, and Harris. All those guys are gonna play.

D Wade played PG his rookie year too... I'm not toally sold on the idea but I didn't see anything today that showed there's no way he can pull it off.

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Thanks for the thoughts, I

Thanks for the thoughts, I had completely forgotten it started today and wanted to read how it went.

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Very impressed with Kelly

Very impressed with Kelly Olynyk's offensive arsenal. Hit two threes, a couple mid range range shots, and I saw a nice up and under move.

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