Orlando Magic Current Frontcourt Good Enough to be FrontCourt of the Future?

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Orlando Magic Current Frontcourt Good Enough to be FrontCourt of the Future?

Can Vucevic, Harkless, and Nicholson be long term starters for Orlando? Is Nicholson long time starter?

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They now also have Tobias

They now also have Tobias Harris

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Absolutley. All of these guys

Absolutley. All of these guys are still developing and under the age of 23. Orlando needs to upgrade the point guard position or a premier go to scorer

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Vucevic definitely is a

Vucevic definitely is a future player of the Magic,Harkless seems like he gots what it takes and just needs to adjust to the league ,and Nicholson reminds me more of Brandon Bass ,and become a solid player of the bench.
As for this upcoming draft the Magic should look to draft Trey Burke and build up for the next draft to get a wiggins,Parker or Randle type player

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Yeah, they all are definitely

Yeah, they all are definitely rotation players. Nicholson would be a solid first big man off the bench. Harkless should be a 4th or 5th starter on a good team. Vucevic is definitely a good 3rd maybe second option. They need a player with superstar potential like wiggins or parker and a good point guard and then they will be in pretty good shape.

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nicholson a full time

nicholson a full time starter? i really dont know but i do see him being a very solid role player throughout his entire career at the very least.

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well vucevic certainly is the

well vucevic certainly is the center of the future for the Magic.I agree with most of you Nicholson should be a solid player off the bench for Orlando i don't see him as a starter of the future though.Harkless could be Orlando's Batum that's the best comparison that comes to my mind (without Batum's range though).
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Honestly, I think Harris has

Honestly, I think Harris has the most upside of any of them. Vucevic looks like a starter, but i don't know how much you can depend on him to create his shot. I agree they need a point guard. Harris looks to me like he could be a consistent forward scoring threat. He might even be a 15-20 ppg guy in another year or two. Oh, and he is only 20!

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Nicholson reminds me of Taj

Nicholson reminds me of Taj Gibson with his refined scoring arsenal, motor and size, a likely long-term starter whose floor appears to be "elite sixth man." Excited to see the bouncier, more dynamic Harkless battle the more scoring-minded Harris over the next couple years; Harkless has the starting spot locked down but Harris could easily exceed his level of production.

If I'm the Magic i'm zeroing in on franchise talent guards like McLemore and Smart in the draft with an open mind regarding a trade package involving either Harkless or Harris along with the still-productive Jameer Nelson's expiring contract for another shooter; the Magic are 28th in 3PT% in this year and they just traded their only reliable outside weapon, Redick, who happened to be one of the league's best. Getting something in return for Redick was a must, but they'll have to add another knockdown shooter at some point if they want to be competitive.

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