Orlando Magic and Ben McLemore

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Orlando Magic and Ben McLemore

Report from rotoworld------------------

Sources say that Orlando "covets" Kansas SG Ben McLemore more than any player in the draft.
The Magic will have the most ping-pong balls in the Draft Lottery, giving them a 25.0 percent chance of securing the No. 1 overall pick. If they do get that top pick, they'll be looking to move down and take the sweet-shooting McLemore, who has drawn Ray Allen comparisons. That could be difficult, however, because McLemore is widely expected to go in the top-three of the draft.

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Does anyone else get really

Does anyone else get really annoyed whenever there is a shooting guard coming out and he is a great shooter they are automatically compared to Ray Allen? I feel like every year there is one player compared to him. There are other great shooters at the 2.

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For real tho-just like

For real tho-just like Bradley beal last year

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Probably not the best comparison but

there production is very similar.

Ray Allen

min 31.2 13.4/4/2.6 43/39/82 %

Bradley Beal

min 30.9 13.9/3.8/2.4 41/39/79 %

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I think a better comparison

I think a better comparison would be Jason Richardson. McLemore is stronger, but not as good a ball handler as a young Ray Allen. I think McLemore could be like Richardson in his great shooting ability, ability to come off screens ability to finish at the rim, and score in transition. I do really think McLemore could be a nice 1st overall pick in this year's draft (although I like Otto Porter better for a team that could use a SF), as McLemore has very little bust potential and knows his role. He looks like a very efficient scorer who could fit on just about any team. Maybe not a star, but a nice offensive contributor who can put up points without needing the ball too much.

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I don't think McLemore has a

I don't think McLemore has a low bust potential at all. All he does is shoot, if he gets into a shooting funk, what is he contributing? Plenty of shooters are unnerved by the increased athleticism they face night-in-night-out in the NBA, and once the scouting report is in he will struggle to get good looks unless he learns how to handle the ball better.

Yes he can do one thing well and knows his role, but a 1st overall pick's role shouldn't be "designated shooter" unless it's a team like Washington or Cleveland where they already have their star player and he could be a second banana, except Waiters and Beal were taken the year before, and he isn't necessarily better than either of those guys.

I don't think he has low bust potential as a first overall pick, it strikes me as very unlikely that his production will match his draft position, even in a weak draft.

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You're expectations of this

You're expectations of this draft class must be higher than mine. I highly doubt McLemore will be a franchise player or as good as a traditional top pick, but I do think he is one of the top two wings in this years draft. When I say I don't think he will bust, I mean that I believe he will be an effective NBA player, not that he will certainly produce like the average top pick.

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If this is true

If this report is true then its good news for Charlotte, who should only be targeting noel or len...

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What Makes The Most Logical Sense

In the event the Magic does land the # pick to draft Ben McLemore, they should then package Arron Afflalo to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe...Then they'll have young building blocks at each position, with Nikola Vucevic at center, Tobias Harris at power forward, Maurice Harkless at small forward, Ben McLemore at shooting guard, and Eric Bledsoe at point guard

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Kansas Connection

I wonder if there is any connection between Ben McLemore to Orlando coach Jacque Vaughn. Jacque Vaughn played at Kansas if you didn't and still has a strong connection to the University.

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McLemore is not just a

McLemore is not just a shooter, he is an elite athlete with a good feel for the game and a guy with a great work ethic. Add in the fact that he is a good perimeter defender and a guy who is disruptive and causes fast break opportunities and I don't see just a shooter at all.

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Ray Allen soon became much

Ray Allen soon became much more than a shooter, he was widely considered one of the very best off the ball players in the NBA. As regards McLemore I have him as a likely number 1 on my mock draft in my head but think that there are better locations for him than Orlando.

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