opinions you have that you know damn well will get negatives

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fizer the bust

All this Jimmermania hype, I'm not buying it... I'm not a firm believer... :)

Mike Beasley will never live up to the #2 pick expectations DESPITE producing solid numbers...

Kwame Brown will still be productive a bit IF he remains in Charlotte... (lmao but I believe it)

Terrence Jones will be Marvin Williams 2.0

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Harrison Barnes is a bust. I

Harrison Barnes is a bust. I don't see him being better than Luol Deng because he not only cannot create his own shot, but he also doesn't do the little things.

Jimmer Fredette will be nothing more than Eddie House in the NBA.

If Austin Rivers stays another year he will win NPOY but will disappoint in the NBA. I don't see his game translating well to bigger, more athletic on ball defenders and weak side shot blockers.

Baylor will win the NCAA championship this year.

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1.Austin Rivers will be the

1.Austin Rivers will be the 3rd best prospect behind Drummond & Anthony Davis by season end...

2.John Wall will make the All NBA 3rd Team this season..

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