OnegodTH50- 1st Mock Draft (1st round only)

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OnegodTH50- 1st Mock Draft (1st round only)

1. Clippers- PF- Blake Griffin- Easily the choice for number 1. Only the clippers will screw this pick up and take someone other than him.

2. Sacramento(Memphis)- PG- Ricky Rubio- I believe Sacramento and Memphis will swap 1st round picks because Sacramento really need a to give their fans some life into their team. Rubio is the type of player that will make every one around him better.

3. Oklahoma City- C- Hasheem Thabeet- Personal wise this is the best fit for any player/team. A defensive stopper in the middle is exactly what the Thunder need and choosing Thabeet makes them that much closer to a playoff-caliber team. (Portland is the best "young" team but Oklahoma City is coming on strong)

4. Memphis(Sacramento)- SG- James Harden- His showing at the combine proved he is athletically capable of being an impact SG in this league. Memphis be willing to take Rubio means they must not be statisfied with Conley Jr. at the point. Taking Harden would allow them to move Mayo to the point(where he wants to play) and gives them another scorer to go with Gay/Mayo.

5. Dallas(Washington)- PF- Jordan Hill- When Mark Cuban wants something/someone he is willing to go and get him. Hill being a possible "C" allows them to play the up and down style that they should be. He has the potential to become as good as Amare.

6. Minnesota- PG- Jonny Flynn- This may be a reach but Flynn is shooting up the draft boards and like most NBA GM's are saying could be the best point guard in the draft outside of Rubio. Anyone who didnt see the Big East tournament this year really missed out on a show.

7. Golden State- PG- Brandon Jennings- The perfect point guard to play Nellie-ball. Will come into the league with one of the best cross-overs, period. He has amazing vision and is willing to give the ball up. IF he can stay out of the dog-house, my dark-horse to win Rookie of the Year.

8. New York- PG/SG- Stephen Curry- This pick will show if the Knicks really are going for LBJ23 or if they will try to get 2 lower level all-stars in the summer of 2010. Curry fits the d'antoni system but also is close friends with LBJ23, and lets face it. Everything the Knicks are doing is for them to get the King.

9. Toronto- SG- DeMar DeRozan- He has the potential to maybe be the next Vince Carter. Why not bring in another high-flyer who could be a top-league scorer. DeRozan finally started to come into his own at the end of the season and could really blossom once getting into the league.

10. Milwaukee- PG/SG- Tyreke Evans- A big body point guard that is capable of playing either guard positions. Could step into either guard postions and be a starter from the start of his career. He is the hard-nosed type of player that Skiles loves to have.

11. New Jersey- PF- James Johnson- Thorn has been talking about getting a big body player and with Lopez getting his work done on the low-block have a PF that can score from the mid-range is perfect. Older in age that can come into the NBA ready to play right away.

12. Charlotte- SG- Wayne Ellington- A pure scorer from the outside. Can play off from Augustin and Felton for the next tens years. Could be a reach with some better quality players on the board, but the bobcats love there UNC players so why not take another one?

13. Indiana- PG- Jrue Holiday- A steal to get this late in the lottery. Has the potential to have be a top-8 pick in the draft. Not really a hidden fact that the Pacers want a PG out of this draft.

14. Phoenix- PG- Ty Lawson- A game-changing point guard that will be better than what people think. Will learn from Nash and then take over for him when he leaves in 2010 summer.

15. Oklahoma City(Detroit)- SF- Earl Clark- The "Scottie Pippen" to Durant. The perfect wing alongside Durant who is a do it all player. The Thunder are very very lucky for someone like him to fall all the way down to 15.

16. Chicago- SG- Chase Budinger- The Bulls need to get another scoring guard because of Gordon possibly leaving. Never showed he could play defense but does Gordon do that for the bulls? Plus he is about 6 inches taller.

17. Philadelphia- PG- Eric Maynor- A security blanket in case Miller leaves. Plus the fact that the Sixers needed a back-up pg even if Miller stays. Will be ready to start right away or could get better from learning on the bench.

18. Minnesota- C- BJ Mullens- Even though he will need two or three years to learn Jefferson/Love will be able to hold down the 4-5 spot. With having 3 first round picks The T'Wolves are able to take a high risk/high reward pick here.

19. Atlanta- PG- Jeff Teague- With Bibby possibly leaving in free agency and the Law pick not working out like planned, the Hawks have to get another PG in this draft. Teague is the right fit for them to be able to run. He has a high ceiling and could really explode in his second season.

20. Utah- PF- DeJuan Blair- The chances the Jazz retain both Boozer/Millsap look slim to none. Sloan will love to get a player of Blair's toughness. Is the perfect back-up power forward to either Boozer or Millsap. We could be looking at the same situation Utah is in now 4 years from now.

21. New Orleans- SF- Omri Casspi- A scoring wing player with a definte international flair to his game. Could step in and start right away but is physically weak when it goes to guarding NBA small fowards. Could be a steal this late in the round, some say he is the top international prospect(yes, even counting Rubio).

22. Washington(Dallas)- SG- Terrence Williams- Just like his teammate out of college(Clark) he is a do everything type of player. Capable of playing either guard position will fit in nicely with the wizards because of the fact that his scoring might be his worst quality at this point in time.

23. Sacramento- SF- DaJuan Summers- With two young promising 4-5 men(Hawes,Thompson) and now having two young promising 1-2 men(Rubio, Martin) it only makes sense for them to take a small forward. Strong and capable of scoring his stock dropped not onlying because of his play but because of the Georgetown system. Could easily show more to his game once in the NBA sorta like the Thunders' Green did once leaving Georgetown.

24. Portland- PF- Tyler Hansbrough- Portland is in a win now situation. So taking another young player doesnt make much sense. They need a quality, professional back-up to Aldridge and get exactly that in Hansbrough. His high energy, hard-nosed play will fit perfectly into what the Trail Blazers need.

25. Oklahoma City- PG- Patty Mills- Every team needs a "game-changer" of the bench and this is exactly what he gives the thunder. Could possibly share the back court with Westbrook at times when going with small ball. Fearless athlete who showed that during the summer playing against the top USA PG's on the road to the Olympics.

26. SG- Gerald Henderson- Has lottery pick talent but falls all the way down to 26 because he doesn't really fit the need of what the teams are looking for. Doesn't really do anything special but will be a player in the league for a long career. Gives the Bulls another young defender and the opposite of Budinger. Bulls thought of taking him at 16 so relieved to get him here.

27. Memphis- PF- Taj Gibson- Strong inside player who gives the Grizzles another bull to go next to Gasol. Could shock alot of people and be better than advertised. Although he got into foul trouble alot at USC he didnt really have any inside help to take away pressure.

28. Minnesota- SF- Sam Young- Not the wing the fans of Minnesota were expecting but proves to be NBA ready. Extremely athletic and grew huge strides his last two years at Pitt. Shows potential of becoming even better.

29. LA Lakers- SF- Danny Green- Surprise pick with better players still to be picked, but fits perfectly into the triangle offense that the Lakers run. With Odom/Walton/Ariza possibly leaving in free agencey taking Green shows they probably will keep Odom and choose between one of the two small fowards.

30. Cleveland- SF- Derrick Brown- A strong body to go next to LBJ23. Could see alot of playing time next year with the fact of Wally leaving and Pavlovic being trade bait for a veteran big man.

2nd round success players:

Darren Collison
Toney Douglas
Josh Heytvelt
Jerel McNeal
DeMarre Carroll
Jon Brockman

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one of the best mock draft i

one of the best mock draft i seen on here. love the mavs pick

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I couldn't agree more. A

I couldn't agree more. A mock where Thabeet's not 2nd overall is justifiable in my mind. A few things though...

Idk if Memphis takes Harden, but I like the reasoning if they can move Conley, but it still doesn't solve their problem at power forward.

I think Jennings and Flynn will flip flop, but Minnesota will definitely consider flynn

I can't see Clark dropping down to 15.

The 76ers need a back up point guard even if Andre Miller stays? You must be a college basketball fan that has no faith in louis williams who will be the reason Miller's out the door.

Blair doesn't drop to 20

I like that you have Summers going to Sacramento. Huge Steal in a few years there.

If Gibson drops to 27 the Grizzlies will be thrilled. I just don't see it happening.

This is a great mock with some nice insight. A few flaws that can be argued, but that's why were on the site aren't we?

I saw you didn't have lester hudson in your second round success stories. Any reason as to why not? Dude's got some serious game and legit size for a point guard at the nba level.

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Mock draft

i like the mock except i dont see Derozen going past Ney York, i think chicago will take Blair at 16, and memphis needs a power forward probably Hill.

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Very good mock you went outside the box

Very good mock you went outside the box,

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that's a great mock draft, i

that's a great mock draft, i completly agree with the kings trading up to get Rubio

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Love the Blazers pick

Great pick in Hansborough.

I don't see Henderson sliding though (I think Charlotte takes him at 12 over Ellington), and if he does slide why would the Bulls take him and Budinger.

I really like the Thunder's picks but I still think they'd be better off going with Harden at 3.

Overall a real nice mock

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I like everything but

I like everything but Henderson and Ellington...i think they would switch postions..

Like the trades

Check my mock out

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