From one of the TOP PG's in HS, to NBA Future, to Dumb Decisions to............

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From one of the TOP PG's in HS, to NBA Future, to Dumb Decisions to............

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He declared for the draft

He declared for the draft too. Doubt he gets drafted. Such a waste of talent. I hate saying that but it's true. A lot of people in the world would do anything to have been given an oppurtunity and he just wasted it. Even after his terrible season at Arizona he was given a chance to go to SMU. Then decided not to. Seriously, what goes through some of these players minds.

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Ultra-navie on my part,but

Ultra-navie on my part,but where the hell was some kinda adult to get into his ear and tell him "You're destroying any chance you have of playing in the NBA with all the stupid shit you're pulling."

I have no clue where the kid goes from here,but it's definitley not The NBA... Maybe somewhere like the Philippines or maybe Guam has a basketball league.

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To be fair Arizona has the

To be fair Arizona has the stiffest DUI laws in the country, and rightfully so

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Dumgs ass Turner

Yes Turner has some college talent and maybe NBA level talent, but his brain is maybe a second grade level? Turner and I have one thing in common...we will never play in a NBA game.

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