One Thought on the 2013 HS Class

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One Thought on the 2013 HS Class

Can you believe that a decade ago we were talking about an 18 year old that was basically a mixture of this year's top 3 players?

Andrew Wiggins' jaw-dropping athleticism, speed, mobility and "it" factor.


Jabari Parker's skillset package of handles, jumpshot, passing, and feel for the game. As well as his off the court mindset and media likeability.


Julius Randle's body, strength, alpha dog mentality, and aggression.


Pretty crazy when you think about it.

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It really is. We all rave

It really is. We all rave about these 3 guys (Wiggins especially) but they don't come anywhere near LeBron. I can only imagine the hype he would get if he was in high school today instead of 2003 before social media really took off. It's even more impressive that he actually lived up to it.

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That's crazy

That's crazy

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That's a really solid

That's a really solid comparison.

All 3 of these guys lack a lot of what LeBron does, but should all be very very solid NBA players.

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