One Last Reminder: Official 2013 Tournament Challenge

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One Last Reminder: Official 2013 Tournament Challenge

First, let me say, incredibly happy about the turnout and want to thank everyone participating. We have 118 members at last check, which is rad. Plus, McBada$$ even got a girl to join! A real live girl! That may be a first (maybe.....). Just wanted to give one last reminder to those who either missed out on the original thread or HAVE YET TO FILL OUT A BRACKET (cough, aamir).

The reason I know some have not filled one out is due to you having a "0" as opposed to a "1920" next to your name. See, you start as perfect, than go down from there! Either way, only a few I have noticed, but you should really hurry since the tournament starts TOMORROW!!! WOOHOO!!! MARCH MADNESS IS UPON US!!! I whimped out on many an upset, hope for tons, chose one #1 to make the Final 4 and no one below a 3 seed, hope that everyone who makes it is from all over the place!

Dream of the perfect bracket, know it will be HAVOC!!! Like the VCU defense with the same name. So, here is the link to the original thread:

AND, the link to the group on ESPN Tournament Challenge:

I can't promise prizes to the winner (though ESPN can if you do REALLY well), though I can promise an excuse to make a forum topic of how awesome you did while maybe not getting negged to death. I said excuse, not that you need to do it and no gurantee for the non-negging. Just saying it is a possibility. Good luck and hope the Madness is good to everyone as our economy and efficiency take the inevitable tumble (for the best of reasons). LET THE MARCH MADNESS COMMENCE!

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