Ondrej Balvin 1992 7-1 230

Ondrej Balvin currently a bench player on ACB Spanish league.
Is eligible for the 2014 draft.

I see great potential in him. Jonas Valanciunas type of player, with greater passing ability.
His daily battling with men in the ACB and understanding of how basketball should be played will allow him to hold is ground in the NBA, it may take a couple of years to gain enough strength to allow to do what he wants. but I love big men with fundamental and great basketball IQ and also the understanding of how to use the body to create what they need (Kanter, Valanciunas).

Put him next to a good point guard with leadership would def make his future interesting.


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Is he 7-1 230 or 7-2 280?

Is he 7-1 230 or 7-2 280? That's kind of a big difference, like the physical difference between Olynyk and Marc Gasol.

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Def not 280

If you have a look at the video, he looks no where near 280.
7-1 is without shoes therefore listing himself at 7-2 seems to be all good to me.

The height and weight figures are from his club website (Sevilla)

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