Once again Mike Brown is showing he's not a top level Coach

Cleveland fans are worried..Unless the Cavs repeat their play they showed in game 3..Thursday night might be Lebron last in a Cavs iniform..And it might be Mike Brown last as their coach...Sure he's turned them into a solid defensive team..But he has no offensive creativity at all..

1.Coach Brown has no offensive plays except give the ball to Lebron

2.Let's face it..Mo Williams is not an elite point guard..Dude always fail to show up in big games..Everyone is saying Lebron should guard Rondo..But if Mo was more agressive
on offense..Rondo would be too tired to run wild ..Right now he's relaxing on defense and playing the passing lanes getting steals..Creating easy plays for his teammates..

3.Change the starting lineup..Becuz Jamison is too short to guard Garnett..Why dont Brown start Hickson at the 4, his length will be perfect for guarding Garnett,move Jamison to small forward,and put Lebron at shooting guard?

4.Anthony Parker was brought in for his defense and 3 point shooting ..This playoff season he hasn't shown neither 1..

5.The Cavs have the talent to out gun the Celtics..But Brown instead chooses to have the ball walked up the floor..Giving the Celtics a chance to setup their defense...A faster pace offense would wear down the Celtics..The Cavs did it in game 3..And the Celtics could not keep up..

6.He fails to utilize Shaq..I know Shaq isnt what he was a few years ago..But he's still unmatched when he gets the ball down low..Garnett,Perkins,Wallace & Davis cant do anything to stop him..So they foul him..Garnett & Perkins received 2 fouls in the 1st quarter of game 4 trying to stop him...

7.With a deep bench..He hasnt figure out how to use it...He should find more playing time for Hickson,Powe,West and Telfair

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Cleveland never thought about

Cleveland never thought about what they were doing when they randomly put this team together.

Shaq, Jamison, Lebron, Williams Ilqauskas

Shaq the epidemy of half court Big Man
BIG Z another halfcourt Big Man
Jamison a ball dominate unorthadox player who unless he is the vocal point of an offense lets face it disturbs the offense
Williams a ball dominate scoring point gaurd who cant defende
Lebron the most ball dominate player in the league

What is there identity?
A fast break team, with Halfcourt Centers?

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yeah..i was hoping they

yeah..i was hoping they could've gotten Amare rather than Jamison..Folks talk about Jamison's offensive skills..but Coach Brown dont know how to use him...

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Why does Mike Brown NEVER

Why does Mike Brown NEVER close his mouth?? His lip is always hanging.

Anyway, yea. He runs a HORRIBLE offense. The Cavs are stagnant when Lebron doesn't have the ball in his hands. That leads to guys like Anthony Parker and Delonte West running down the shot-clock and taking ill-advised shots that their shot-makers like Lebron and Mo Williams would be better off taking earlier in the shot-clock. And for the "defensive-minded" coach Brown had been lauded for being, he has not done anything great in the playoffs do far. He hasn't figured out how to stop Rondo, he's let Tony Allen kill them off the bench out of NOWHERE, and Antwaan Jamison keeps matching up with KG and is getting killed (Varejao defends KG well though). He's been bad this postseason as a coach. He's not quite a good coach. He's unimaginative offensively, and overrated for his supposed specialties on defense.

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I agree with what you said

I agree with what you said about Mike Brown offensively, but the Cavs have been one of the best defensive teams in the league since he took over. He's not overrated defensively.

The Cavs have just simply not came to play. They've been inconsistent on both sides of the ball.

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do you know that hickson is shorter than jamison....and i think that garnet doesnt play big role in this series... its all about rondo,they need to find guy who can keep with him...

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I think it's funny how

I think it's funny how everyone knew they were gonna lost this series even when Cleveland went up 2-1.As soon as they saw Boston beat them the first time they knew.I knew all along since the beggining of the year because it always happens.
Lebron cant live up to the hype once a physical team bullies him around a little its over.Hes a big baby and I'm not Lebron hating Kobe hugging or nothing Lebron is the most talented player in the NBA but hes a premadonna baby.

Lebron is truly a movie star more than an NBA player.Like when he was playing Chicago he said hes glad he played Chicago instead of Toronto cause Toronto's supporting roster for Bosh sucked.Why are you setting yourself up for Free Agency when you have a chance to win right now.

The truth of all of this is New York does have a chance to sign Lebron just because he is a media WHORE.He is in it for the money he doesnt care about the rings.

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I have never liked mike brown

I have never liked mike brown as a coach. He doesn't utilize his bench correctly at all. He has a ton of players at his disposal and he never uses them. Leon powe should get more playing time than ilgauskas especially in this series because of his skill set and how he matches up with boston. I'd be willing to bet that gibson on cleveland's bench could do more than mo williams does seeing as they are pretty much the same type of player and gibson's jumper might even be better. JJ Hickson should play way more and they should definitely push the tempo against boston because once they get their defense set they are VERY difficult to score on let alone get a good shot off on. I'll never forget in game 3 of the semis last season against the hawks, the game was close at the end of the first half and in the second half lebron went off and scored or assisted on almost all of their points and when brown was asked what the game plan was he said simply: " I threw away the playbook and we just rode lebron the whole way." Why would you admit to that? I'm sure phil jackson has done that with kobe and mj but you dont see him admitting to it. Experts or anyone who knows anything would be able to see that but don't just tell the national media that. He has helped cleveland to establish themselves as one of the premiere defensive teams of the past few seasons but you have to have some sort of offensive creativity in order to be successful. Even the spurs had something when they were a supreme defensive team, but to brown's credit mo williams hasnt panned out how they thought and even such, when cleveland went to the finals in 07 gibson had some big games that helped them get past detroit doing exactly what the cavs went and got mo williams to do. But then again the usage of antawn jamison hasnt been good (as well as the acquisition of him) I think the biggest knock on brown is not pushing lebron to get the most of him and to make him develop that killer instinct or help him develop the will to win. Phil jackson is a great coach because he's had the best players yes, but he has gotten the most of them and pushed them to help them get to where they needed to be not only successful but the absolute best ever. Mike brown probably suggests things to lebron but i guarantee he won't get under lebron's skin or call him out like jackson did kobe earlier in the playoffs and this is why he's not a great coach.

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I hate Boston, but I am even

I hate Boston, but I am even more tired of the cavs. I can atleast respect Boston for being a mostly aging team but coming out and punching Cleveland in the mouth. I hated Rondo, but now more respect him for being the silent leader of that team. Coach Brown is horrible. Mo williams does disappear, but Cleveland is Lebron's team and he needs to take 90% of the blame for this fiasco.

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I agree with sacphil that

I agree with sacphil that Brown doesnt really utilize his bench as well as he should. More importantly though, I think its obvious that "better" players dont make a "better" team. Team chemistry and players who understand their roles make for better teams, not necessarily the most talent. When Cleveland put together their team I think they went for all the talent they could get. Mo Williams is a great talent, but I dont see where he is a great team player. The Cavs could win the whole thing if they had Billups instead of Williams. West and Parker are very skilled, but I would rather have a George Hill or Pietrus. Most of the Cavs players are unbalanced, and usually they are better scorers than anything. I really was not a Bruce Bowen fan when he was playing, hated his game but the guy was such an important key for their success. The Mavs and Cavs have some of the best players on any NBA team, but if you cant mesh the talent then it serves no point to have it.

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check out blog about tha

check out blog about tha cavs....n at happened last nite....its really obvious y tha cavs r failin...one u got 2 guards that r beter then mo williams n ur not playing em 2. mike brown doesnt need to b ne where near n nba sideline 3. y did they trade 4 jamison again thats makes no sense


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If the cavs had an offence

If the cavs had an offence maybe their would be less watching and more playing by the other players on the team. Lebron didn't do good but he didn't take a lot of shots so everyone else must have had oportunities.

Maybe take a look at eddie jordan, how would the princeton work with the cavs?

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I have been saying for years

I have been saying for years that Mike Brown is not a great offensive coach. He at least learned defense from Larry Brown but right now his team is not even doing that so they need to let him go. Lebron made this dude.

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