omg this girl is soo cute, i want her grrr

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omg this girl is soo cute, i want her grrr

Hey guys i just wanted to talk about the Ricky Rubio comparison. Ppl say he plays alot of Steve Nash, but doesn't any1 think he plays more like Jason Kidd? Ricky can't shoot, while Steve shoots lights out. Mabye Ricky wont be as good rebounding as Jason, but remember in the u16's he was collecting 20 or so rebounds a game? Both him and Jason's styles are both not too flashy as in speed and moves(streetball dribling, even though they can do it), just straight up great vision with a without a doubt pass pass pass and help teammates style, which someimtes are so crafty teammates are surprised 2 b getting the ball. Ricky's defense: especially in the category of stealing ball is excellent, and like Jason he could be an all defensive teamer.(unlike Steve, who has very poor def lol.) The only thing is Ricky mite end up averaging more career ppg than Jason. And im not saying Ricky will be the nex triple-double king, im saying his style and play is similar to Jason. Thoughts?

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I don't particularly like

I don't particularly like either comparison. One of the things you have to remember about Kidd is he was one of the fastest end-to-end point guards in the NBA along with being hands down the strongest.

One name I haven't heard much in comparison to Rubio is Sam Cassell. Rubio is flashier and has the potential to be better, for sure, but I could see him having a similar NBA career while providing a team with similar abilities offensively. 

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Dude I know that girl!!!!!!

I don't like the Cassell comparison.

Not trying to get ahead of myself, but his defense reminds me a lot of John Stockton. He roams, anticipates and draws charges similar to the way Stockton did.

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