Omer Asik team fits

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Omer Asik team fits

I'm sure this has been discussed on the forum here before, but what teams do you think Omer Asik would fit best on? Where could he realistically land at some point before or during next season? His contract is large, yes, but he could definitely turn a contender into a title favorite and a playoff team into a contender.

Some teams that come to mind are the:

  • Pelicans-not for Ryan Anderson, but him, Asik, and Anthony Davis would be a formidable frontcourt
  • Thunder-management is too cheap and stingy but would fit great IMO. Amnesty Perkins finally.
  • Knicks-swap him for Amare or Bargs? Chandler might be a goner with Jackson in charge
  • Mavericks-Cuban would be willing to pay his contract and would mesh great with Dirk
  • Suns-haven't heard speculation on this but I would love to see him on this team

Obviously, he is one of the better true centers in the league and a benefit to any team, but he wants to start/play heavy minutes and these teams could possibly give him that. Let's here what everyone thinks.

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