for oldtimes like myself 30s and above

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for oldtimes like myself 30s and above

does anyone know what ricky berry could have become? another glen rice eddie johnson? he averaged 11.00 great outside shooter high percentage in his only season before suicide and how much of an impact did the kings miss out on. someone wrote about len bias and it made me think of all the wasted potential. him and roy tarpley maybe 2 of the guys that were in the nba that had the most wasted talent.

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Chris Washburn

The 1980's were a time period filled with guys with massive potential that had careers ended due to drugs and bad choices. among those cases was Chris Washburn who played at N.C. State. He was 7'1" with enourmous talent and problems. Len Bias was certainly amongst the most tragic of these cases. I agree with you on Tarpley. What a rebounder! Given chance after chance, he couldn't get his head together and conquer his inner demons. Speaking of Demons, DePaul Blue Demons had another talented player with terrible inner demons. Teddy Grubbs was his name. Probably would have been next great star after Aguirre. He was more celebrated than his classmate Terry Cummings. One of the most sought after prep plyers in 1979, came off the bench to score 26 points against UCLA in his first game. Shortly thereafter he had problems with the law and many other personal issues. I talked to Ray Meyer about him and he said Grubbs could hve been one of his true star players had he not been plagued with off the court problems. Just a few cases that come to mind from that era.

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I remember Berry - I live in Sacramento - that was pretty sad as well. I just remember finding it hard to believe that somone with so much ahead of him would kill himself like that. He was just a kid & he seemed to have a great life, but I guess it just goes to show that you never really know what's bubbling under the surface with any of these guys.

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